Fixated On You (Torn Series #5)

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Book: Read Fixated On You (Torn Series #5) for Free Online
Authors: Pamela Ann
girl.” I smiled before I sat next to her on her bed, curling the small strands of her hair that were close to her eyes behind her ears.
    “Yeah, Miss Flo said that I should always take note of my appearance if I’m having visitors.” She sounded tired, but tried to sound like she wasn’t. Her medications always made her lethargic. “Will you ever bring Bass here? I’d love to meet him, you know. I think he’s the hottest man on the planet.”
    This girl loved Bass. I was actually going to drag him here the second he came back because Angela would go gaga if the guy she dubbed “the hottest man on the planet” would come in and visit her.
    “I doubt you’ve ever met the rest of the hottest male species, but I’ll take your word for it. Bass is kinda hot.” I grinned at her before I stood up and checked on the things she wanted to do for an hour. Usually, she liked me to read her stories, but now, it seemed she was up for storytelling too…she wanted me to give her all the details of my trip.
    I did, after I took out the X-rated parts.
    After spending a few hours at the hospital, I pulled up on the driveway just as Carter did. I barely had my door cracked open before he came running and opened it himself.
    “How’s my baby doing?”
    Here we go again. “Why are you here?” I asked as I got out of the car. Images of that body shot played in my head. Jesus…give me a breather.
    “Lindsey’s here and she texted me to bring her some In-N’-Out since she’s starving.”
    My eyes look at his empty hands.
    “It’s in the car. Just thought I say hi before going in.” Carter kissed my cheek. “Miss you, Em,” he whispered then jogged back towards his car to get the food.
    Shaking my head, I let out a long breath before walking towards the main entrance. I barely stepped into the house before I heard Lindsey. “ Carter is that you? ” her voice echoed through the house.
    “Emma here. He’s outside,” I called out, yelling at whichever direction. Where was she anyway?
    Lindsey came running down the stairs. “Thank goodness—if you happened to be Amber, I sure as hell didn’t want to see her lying face.”
    “I’ve missed you, too.” I reached over and gave her a quick hug before looking at her straight in the eye. “Don’t you think it’s time to bury the hatchet?”
    “My ass!” She looked at me then at the opening door, grinning at her brother. “You rock, bro. I’m starving. A woman can only eat so much lamb chops and steaks before craving a good burger,” she blurted out, hopping away towards Carter, grabbing her food and then speed walking to the kitchen to eat. “Stop staring at each other, come here and entertain me, please,” Lindsey yelled from the kitchen.
    Carter rolled his eyes before cocking his head to the side for me to follow him into the kitchen. He got there first and seated himself across from Lindsey. His serious expression came into place. “So, why is it that I’m the last person to find out that you were married before?”
    Lindsey took her time chewing while I snatched a few fries, smiling at the brother and sister.
    “I’m divorced, didn’t you get the memo?” she said before sipping her soda.
    He glared at her. “You’re crazy.”
    “It’s true love. Of course, it’s crazy.”
    “So your boyfriend is your ex-husband. Makes sense.” He nodded his head, looking at Lindsey like she was the most confusing thing.
    Let’s face it, she truly was.
    Carter pressed his lips together. “You’re not getting married again anytime soon, are you? I mean, if you are, I’d love to be there. I’m you’re brother, in case you forgot about that important fact.”
    “I wanted to, after his grandfather suggested it…but this sucker didn’t want to marry me again.” Lindsey sighed. “I don’t fucking get it.”
    “Maybe because you went to Brody. That’s what,” Carter interjected, leaning back against his seat. “He asked me to ask you, by the way, if you

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