Green Tea Won't Help You Now!

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Book: Read Green Tea Won't Help You Now! for Free Online
Authors: Dasha G. Logan
Tags:, Fluffer Nutter
    "Yes, more or less." Or something like that...
    "Man, I wished I could have done that. All I ever saw were ski resorts."
    The pizza came and, what can I say, for a while, all conversation stopped because we were stunned into silence by its taste.

    "This must have been the best pizza I have ever eaten in my entire life..." I sighed once the plate was empty.
    "I hope you're happy to have shared this experience with me." Alex reached over and wiped a pizza crumb from my jaw.
    I knew that instance that my eyes were lighting up with a sensuous glow, they always do when I am going into seduction mode. I pouted ever so slightly to give him a certain idea of what my lips might feel like when he would kiss them in the not so far away future. He took the bait and his thumb touched my mouth ever so gently, in passing, as if it was an accident. My lips split into a broad smile, rewarding him for the gesture.
    "I don't know yet, I'll have to think about it."
    "Would you think about it over dessert or would a coffee be more the thing? Or both? Since I can't enthuse you for a grappa or a digestive and I can't order one for myself because I have to safely drive you back home."
    I arched my neck into a swanlike curve. Crazy how these things come back to you, even after three years of abstinence. "What a responsible man you are."
    "Most of the time, yes."
    "I thought a racing guy like you would be a real risk taker."  
    "Strangely enough...", a muscle was twitching in his cheek, "I'm not... at least not most of the time."
    The waiter was back.  
    "You must try the panna cotta," Alex commanded.
    "I must? You rather seem the dominant type, ordering me about like this?"
    He lifted his eyebrows.
    I lowered my head and spoke in a small voice, "Panna cotta, please."
    "Espresso for me. What about you, Beatrix?"
    I looked at him blandly. Who was Beatrix?  
    Oh, Christ, I was of course! That's the trouble with fake names, if you only ever use the diminutive, you forget that there is an actual— what is the word for non-diminutive..?
      "Sure. Espresso."  
    The waiter nodded and disappeared.
    "Are you really not mad at me?" Alex asked. "I was afraid you'd come along on this date only to bite my head off."
    "Maybe I'm just waiting for a better occasion. Maybe I'm only making you feel safe to bite you at a more poignant moment."
    Suddenly my hand was in his, he had reached over the table and had just taken it. "I hope that will be soon."
    I blushed. I mean, I am certainly not shy, the opposite rather, but I am all for pretence until the knickers come off. He, on the contrary, went straight to the mark.  
    "The night is long..."  
    "I'm sure it won't be long enough—here comes dessert."
    I spooned down the heavenly panna cotta rather hastily. I wanted to leave this place. I wanted to get down to business. What was the use of waiting now? Alex seemed to feel the same, because he asked for the bill as soon as he could get hold of the waiter.  

    Hand in hand we bustled out of the restaurant. Being so close to him, I could feel the warmth radiating from his body. He really did have a gravitational field!  
    We reached the parking lot and he held the car door open for me. I was just about to sit down when he took hold of my arm and pulled me against his body. His mouth took hungry possession of mine and I folded my arms around him, letting him have it without resistance.  
    "When I saw you this morning I thought you had stepped out of my dreams," he breathed against my neck.
    I was shuddering with pleasure. "Take me home."
    He gave me a gentle push and I landed in the soft leather seat.  
    Not a minute later we raced along the coast, neither of us speaking, neither of us moving except for Alex's hands on the wheel. The rush of anticipation mingled with the warm night air and feelings almost forgotten emerged from their hiding places. The ecstasy of knowing what was to come, the urgency, the sudden loss of all shame, I dove

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