Hidden Hope (Hidden Saga Book 3)

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Book: Read Hidden Hope (Hidden Saga Book 3) for Free Online
Authors: Amy Patrick
time or two when I traveled to Altum on business.”
    At my shocked expression, he continued in a placating voice. “Don’t worry. She didn’t even remember our interludes. I glamoured her to forget them until the time was right for us to be together for good.”
    “You made her cheat on my father?”
    “I am your father. She wasn’t cheating. She was mine. Just as she is mine and will always be. He was a companion I allowed in my absence to prevent her from being lonely.”
    I closed my eyes, trying to hold down the water and bread I’d had since coming here. My poor daddy. “So then you lied—about me. If you saw her at times over the years, you must have known I existed.”
    “I assumed you were his child. It’s so difficult for our kind to conceive. It normally takes decades of trying, and your mother and I were... together but a few times before she left me. I only realized you were mine a few months ago when she visited Atlanta and we reconnected and spoke at length. She mentioned your birthday, and I figured it out. I knew then it was time to re-enter her life... and yours.”
    Ugh. This was my fault. “You came back because of me .”
    “I told you—I always intended to reclaim her. But now the timing is right. I’ve reached the positions I sought in both human government and Elven leadership. That’s why I allowed her to keep the memory of our encounter in Atlanta and desire me again. And yes—once I knew about you, meeting my daughter was a big motivation for me. I’m sorry, Ryann.”
    “Sorry for what?”
    “For not being there. For not being the father I should have been—the father I wanted to be.”
    The look in his eyes was so sincere, the tone of his voice so serious and true. All my instincts told me to believe him. I felt myself relaxing, wanting to trust him.
    I can’t. I blinked and fought to clear my mind. This guy had plotted against Nox, against his parents and Vancia’s. Probably. Shaking off the glamour-hold that was trying to pull me under, I scooted my chair back from the table.
    “Mom’s been gone a long time. I’m going to check on her to see if she’s okay.”
    Davis’s hand lifted in a calming gesture. “She’s fine. I told her to take her time.”
    Freezing in mid-motion, I studied him with my jaw hanging open. “You glamoured her when you said that? It sounded like just a casual remark. Your Sway is strong.”
    He beamed. “Your Elven knowledge is more advanced than I expected.” His gaze sharpened. “How’s yours, by the way?”
    “My what?”
    “Your Sway.”
    Unwilling to let any more information about myself slip, I lied. “I don’t have it.”
    He leaned forward over the table. “You must. You’re my daughter. And the thing that attracted me so strongly to your mother, in spite of her mixed heritage, was her powerful empathy glamour. You’re a blend of us. Your glamour must be remarkable. You just need to learn how to use it.”
    Time for another lie. I shrugged. “Well, I’ve never felt anything. The human part of me must be dominant.”
    His hand came down on the table hard, his handsome face screwed into a scowl. “No. I don’t believe you.” There was a pause as he studied me. “I want to hear you deny it in the Elven way.”
    My heart started racing. “What are you talking about?”
    “You know what I mean. Communicate with me mind-to-mind.”
    No way was I admitting to that ability. Then he’d ask me all kinds of things I didn’t want to answer truthfully. “Um, that’s impossible. Does my mother know she’s engaged to a crazy man?”
    His eyes narrowed at me. “You are bluffing. Show me your Sway right now .” The stern order came out loud and clear. Loudly and clearly enough that several of the nearby diners turned their heads in our direction.
    Though the command was laced with glamour, I found myself able to resist it. Huh. The realization that he couldn’t sway me almost made me smile.
    “Better lower your voice.

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