Kindred: Book 1 A Realms of the Otherworld Book

Read Kindred: Book 1 A Realms of the Otherworld Book for Free Online

Book: Read Kindred: Book 1 A Realms of the Otherworld Book for Free Online
Authors: Jana LaPelle
Always. Take what you need from me to get through this transition. I’ll be right here by your side, we’re kindred souls, and I have been waiting for you my entire life.”
    With those words I let go of all that I’ve been holding on to. I feel my body begin to change, evolve. The pain slips away as I feel my body lift off of the bed that I’ve been laying upon. Alaric lets go of my hand and a warm comforting light begins to warm me from the inside out. As the light continues to build I can feel it pulse through me. I’m pulled into an upright position in midair and I begin to slowly spin emanating light from four points of my being. I feel the subtle changes begin to take hold and in one last moment I feel my body contort around an excruciating pain. I pull my legs and arms to my chest and then suddenly I straighten out suspended in midair, arms and legs thrown out with light emanating from my body before I sink back down to the bed I occupied before. The energy receding leaving me exhausted but free from my prison. The chanting subsides.

Chapter 7
    I’m breathing heavily. My body is still in turmoil as I struggle to adjust to what just happened but then I open my eyes to see his brilliant sapphire eyes looking back at me. It’s at that moment that I realize I’m lying on top him and his arms are wrapped around me securing me in to his chest. I look up at him through my lashes and then slowly I wrap my arms around him pulling him closer, savoring his smell and his feel. I find that I quickly loose myself in him as I snuggle in closer to his chest, my breathing is heavy as if I’ve just ran a marathon. Just being held by him calms my jagged nerve ends. I could get lost in this feeling it’s like nothing that I have ever experienced before. I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes sighing in contentment feeling like I have finally come home. The pull I feel toward Alaric is nothing short of majical and I would be content to stay in his arms forever.
    “Mmhmm, I don’t mean to interrupt and as sweet as this little reunion has turned out to be we should probably get going.” I hear from a male voice over my shoulder.
    “Declan, I think we can give Ashlinn some time to get her bearings.” Alaric’s voice rumbles through his chest as he pulls me in tighter. “She’s been through a lot and needs time to adjust. Ashlinn, how are you feeling?” He asks as he gently strokes my hair and kisses the top of my head.
    I blurt out the first thing that come to mind, “I feel like I’ve known you for a thousand years but we’ve only just met, how is that possible? How is it that I dreamt of you for weeks before the accident? How is any of this possible? What just happened to me? I feel different, I don’t know how but I do.” I know that I’m rambling but can’t seem to stop, all the while I find that I can’t let go of Alaric as I hold him close, clinging to him like a vine.
    “We have a lot to discuss.” Alaric says as he puts a finger under my chin lifting my face to his. “First, why don’t we see if you can stand? Then I’ll have Jasmine assist you in getting cleaned up, we can get everyone feed, and I can have Nemus see to Alexia’s injuries while you shower. Do you trust me? I need you to know before you see yourself in your true form for the first time that you have never looked more beautiful to me as you do in this moment.’ He says as he looking deeply into my eyes. I nod as the realization hits, I trust him implicitly.
    I have been so focused on Alaric I’ve forgotten Lexie! How could I forget her? I whip my head around and look at Lexie sitting quietly in her wheel chair taking everything in with a handsome elf standing behind her with his hand resting on her shoulder. “Oh, my gosh! Lexie, are you okay? I’m so sorry that I haven’t been here for you.” I stumble forward on wobbly legs and reach for her as Alaric helps to steady me. I’m down on my knees in front of her as

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