Phoenix Reborn

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Authors: Carina Wilder
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
one another’s eyes. It was magical.
    But Ashling scolded herself as soon as the moment had passed. No doubt Hawke flirted with every woman in this way, she reminded herself. He was accustomed to that sort of lifestyle and was no doubt expected to be Mr. Charming at all times. You don’t become a beloved celebrity by being a hostile jerk.
    “You’d only be able to take me on a real date if I agreed to it,” she shot him, smiling in spite of herself. “And what if I said no?”
    “You’ve become a feisty lady. I like that,” he said. “So tell me: would you agree to it?”
    “Maybe. If you were a little less smooth and perfect.”
    “So, like, if I tripped over a garbage can or something and fell on my ass?”
    “That would be a start,” she said.
    Hawke looked around the set for a moment. Then, keeping his eyes fixed on Ashling’s, he began to walk away from her, his feet moving sideways as he feigned clumsiness, his legs catching on the legs of a nearby chair.
    Seconds later, he was on the ground, startled crew members gathering around to make sure that their star wasn’t dead. Ashling’s hand went to her mouth, covering it in order to keep laughter from escaping. No man had ever gone tumbling idiotically to the ground for her before.
    When the crew was certain that he was all right, he returned to her.
    “You see? I’m falling for you,” he said, smiling.
    And she felt it again, though this time it was she who was falling, deep into a dark hole, but one that she never wanted to get out of.
    “Do that a few dozen more times and I’ll consider going out with you,” she said.
    “I’m not sure my legs could take it. But I’ll try and think of other ways to woo you, Ashling.”
    There were those teeth again — how were his teeth so perfectly white and straight?
    “Deal,” she said. “I’d like that.”
    Hawke stepped forward, and once again she felt the closeness — the proximity to his body that seemed to send small shocks through her system.
    “I remember it all so well, you know,” he said quietly, his voice all sincerity now. Warm, inviting her into his mind, into his thoughts. “When we were only about thirteen years old, I used to stare at you. I thought you were the most lovely girl I’d ever seen in my life.”
    More charm, she told herself. More celebrity smoothness. “And you were only thirteen. Now you’ve seen so many girls — women,” she said. “I shouldn’t even register on your radar.”
    “That’s not true. You’re very much on it. You’ll probably be surprised to know that you’re part of the reason that I wanted to film here.”
    “What?” She felt her eyes go wide. Her infuriatingly large eyes that gave away every emotion under her skin. “Why would I be part of the reason?”
    “Because I wanted to see you — to see how you’ve progressed,” he said. “And I’m so glad that I ran into you.”
    “Progressed? But I haven’t progressed,” she said, almost ashamed of her own self-assessment as her eyes went to the ground. “I haven’t done anything.”
    Hawke took her left hand in his right, seeming to command her to look at him. She did, her eyes meeting his, which locked her into their contagious warmth.
    “You will do so much, so many things,” he said. “And when you do, it’s going to be incredible.”
    Just as Ashling opened her mouth to speak, a crew member grabbed Hawke’s shoulder. The actor’s eyes closed in submission, his disappointment palpable.
    “I have to go,” he said. “But if you want to watch, you can. I’m afraid you’ll have to be off the set, though.”
    “Okay, maybe I will for a little.” Ashling pulled her hand away as she backed up. It felt almost painful to let go, to lose contact with him. Something in the man’s flesh made her feel stronger than she was. He was special.
    And everyone in the world knew it.
    She watched him from the other side of the barrier. The scene was one in which he was to stroll down a

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