Scandal at Vauxhall (Pleasure Garden Follies)

Read Scandal at Vauxhall (Pleasure Garden Follies) for Free Online

Book: Read Scandal at Vauxhall (Pleasure Garden Follies) for Free Online
Authors: Layna Pimentel
chord on the harp. Or maybe it was
like a siren, drawing a sailor into his own demise. But, surely, nothing could
happen to her while she was here. This was, after all, civilization. Or could it? With Nathaniel by her side,
“expect the unexpected” should be her motto.
    “Robbie, you
take Cecily on ahead, and I will find you both later. I would like to walk around
for a bit.”
    “My Lady, you
cannot expect me to leave you alone with the marquess ?”
    “Robbie, I will
be fine. Now go ahead and escort Cecily.” Isabel lowered her voice. “You might
even find her a handsome rogue to whisk her away.”
    A light of
amusement flickered in Robbie’s eyes. “As you wish, Your Grace.”
    “Lord Thompson?”
Isabel turned to find where he had wandered off to, but did not see him
anywhere. So much for asking him to join me .
Shrugging, off she went in search of what was so splendid about the gardens.

    * * * *

heart rate quickened with every step her ladyship took toward the more secluded
area of the Pleasure Gardens. Blood rushed to his groin, eager to find out
where she was headed. Engaging in a public flirtation like that one outside the amphitheatre earlier would not compare to the
embarrassment she would soon discover if she kept walking on the path ahead.
she encounter lovers moaning, completely in raptures over erotic touches and
sweet words, or the suckling of a rosy bud from an exposed creamy breast?
Mayhap, she would stumble into a shrub head first, finding herself
propositioned to participate as a third party. Good grief, he had to stop her
from continuing on any further, or at the very least, convince her to partake
in their own scandalous adventure. Time to get off this main path.
reached the entrance lined with ancient oak trees and hedges. What will it
take to convince her that we belong together? He turned his head side to
side, noting the sparseness of people occupying the park. With any luck, he
would catch her before the maze.
along, he halted by a bench where a couple affectionately held hands,
completely engaged in their own seduction, when he discovered an odd shadow
opposite of them. Intrigue and his swollen cock led him on, curious to see if
the shape belonged to Isabel. And if it did, what in the world she was doing?
closed in, quietly taking cover behind a tree. A smirk crossed his lips as he
watched the woman spying on the intimately involved pair.
had not been a moment these last twenty-four hours when the duchess did not
occupy his thoughts. He dreamt of disrobing her out of those ridiculous layers
of clothing, palming those beautiful round breasts, giving them the proper attention
they required. Then, he would bury his face between her silken thighs, delving
into her slick folds, edging her closer and closer to ecstasy as her eventual
release shook him to the core.
shifted slightly to adjust the bulge in his breeches when he stepped on a twig,
snapping it. The splintering wood drew the woman’s attention in his direction.
Attempting to conceal his location, he moved into the shade, where he could not
be found. Nevertheless, he had finally found her. The devil take it! Isabel,
of all people, stood there, observing the couple lying down.
approached cautiously, to avoid alarming the duchess, until he stood behind
her. She turned to face him, with shock splashed across her face. He locked her
wrists above her against the trunk, leaving her nowhere to escape his assault
of tender kisses. Lowering his head, he nipped at her lobe and dragged his
tongue down the side of her neck.
you do realize what you are doing is called voyeurism and is quite illegal.” He
released her hands, only to wrap his arms around her, pulling her into chest.
Her derrière firmly pressed against the throbbing ache of his manhood.
she whispered angrily. “Release me this instant, you oaf!”
    “Not on

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