torg 03- The Nightmare Dream

Read torg 03- The Nightmare Dream for Free Online

Book: Read torg 03- The Nightmare Dream for Free Online
Authors: Jonatha Ariadne Caspian
Tags: Games, Role Playing & Fantasy
stopped the weretiger. What do they have to fear from some nasty lady."
    As if on cue, the door to the mess hall swung open. Coyote looked up to see Ellen Conners enter the hall. Three of the men that arrived with her, the guys in suits and dark glasses, were beside her. They were all coming over to Coyote and Rat's table.
    Coyote began to stand up, but one of the agents grasped his shoulder hard enough to hurt and forced him back into his seat. Another one stood behind Rat, and the third reached for the cat. The cat hissed, slashing the agent's hand with a swipe of its sharp claws. Then it leaped off the table and started to run.
    The agent cursed, put his hand to his mouth to suck on the deep scratches, and reached into his jacket to retrieve his pistol. Ellen Conners placed a restraining hand on his arm.
    "Let it go," she ordered. "The cat isn't worth the trouble." Then she turned to Coyote. Ellen Conners smiled at him, and the boy felt no humor or friendliness in the gesture. He felt only fear.
    "Now, boys," Conners said, "I believe we have a conversation to finish."
    Tolwyn was torn as to her next course of action. With her were Tom, Mara, and the dwarves Pluppa, Grim, and Gutterby. She saw Bryce and Toolpin go over the incline with one of the insect things. Djil was still trying to save the horse, but its screams told her that death was not very far away. Before she could decide, the remaining two insect things started toward her group, flying upon humming wings made from dead insects. She reached for her sword, then remembered that she had lost it in the battle at Illmound Keep.
    "Your weapon would do little good against those creatures, Tolwyn," Grim cautioned. "They are full of entity and death magic. We can't fight them like we'd fight a normal foe."
    The monsters were getting closer. Tolwyn thought about her options, about Bryce, about her mission. Though it hurt her terribly, there was only one real choice.
    "Run," she told the others. "Run quickly and do not look back."
    Djil rummaged through the few items he carried, looking for something he could use against the dead insect spirit. He had his spear and his boomerang, his knotted rope, his ceremonial artifacts, his tools. Nothing leaped to mind as a solution. The pitiful screams of the horse stopped then, and Djil saw the insect thing turn
    toward him as it finished its grisly work on the animal.
    "You seek to tear Djilangulyip apart like you did that poor horse," Djil said as he hefted his spear. "Well, Djilangulyip is not ready to be torn apart just yet."
    He thrust the spear at the insect thing, hitting it in the chest. The spear deflected off the chitinous armor composed of dead bugs, and the creature snapped it in half with a swipe of its claw.
    "I do not like you, monster," Djil said flatly. "You should not exist in the natural world."
    The creature swung its claw in a deadly arc, but Djil easily stepped out of the way before it could connect. Then he turned and ran.
    The insect, not so easily shaken, took up the chase. It was larger than the aborigine, and its wings made it faster. But Djil reached the large rock he had noticed earlier some steps ahead of the monster. He placed his hands upon it and began to sing.
    The song was a dream song, and through it Djil called upon the spirits of the Dream Time to aid him. He heard the creature land behind him, but he ignored it and kept on singing. He heard it step toward him as he sang, felt its dead touch as it reached for him. Still singing his dream song, Djil spun and grabbed the insect's arm with his right hand. His left hand still touched the rock.
    "The spirit ancestors have heard my song," Djil said. "The way to Alcheringa is open. Come with me to the Dream Time!"
    With that, Djil dove into the rock, passing through it without any resistance. He pulled the insect creature with him, and it too passed into the rock.
    Djil stopped once half of the monster had passed into the rock with him. Its back

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