A Blued Steel Wolfe

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Book: Read A Blued Steel Wolfe for Free Online
Authors: Michael Erickston
smiled shyly. He’s devilishly handsome, charming and witty, highly intelligent, and yet here he is! Thank you God! She thought to herself.
    They ate in comfortable silence, once their food arrived. Justin reflected briefly on his past relationships. During High School, he’d had a few casual relationships with other students. At West Point, he’d had one casual liaison with a female cadet. His time away at war, in fact his entire life, had left little time for romance.
    There was one nurse back at Kandahar who’d been his “friend with benefits” for some time, until she rotated back to the States. Including her, he could count the women he’d been with on one hand.
    Now, here he was, preparing to embark on his first truly serious relationship. He looked at Cammie with new eyes now, and he loved what he saw in her. Is she really the one? He thought to himself. Is Camille Jenkins the lady I’ve been looking for all my life? Is she the one? Well, if I don’t at least try, then I’ll never know.
    They finished eating, and once again, their hands found each other. The band started playing a slow, romantic song, and Justin smiled as he stood up from the table.
    “Would you care to dance, Cammie?”
    “Why yes, I do believe I’d care to dance with you, Justin,” she replied formally. He held out his hand to her, and she took it as she arose from her seat. His fingers interlaced with hers as he led her to the nearly empty dance floor.
    His strong arms encircled her waist as hers came up and around his neck. She laid her head on his shoulder and pressed her soft supple body against his lean and muscular frame.
    Justin loved the feel of her body molded to his. He closed his eyes and focused on her closeness. He reveled in her closeness, and swayed with her in time to the soft and sensual love song.
    Cammie enjoyed the feeling of warmth between her thighs at the thought of Justin Wolfe. Her nether region throbbed in anticipation of him taking her. Why did it take me so long to see him as a man, and not just as a friend? She asked herself silently. His muscular arms held her protectively, and she felt a thrill as she pressed against his abdomen. He couldn’t help his reaction to her closeness, and she could not stop her own reaction as her body cried out silently in need.
    After almost three years without a man’s touch, Cammie felt that need now, more than ever. Juan would want me to be happy. He would want me to move on with a man worthy of my love , she concluded as each thought entered her mind. She could no longer deny her feelings for him, nor did she want to, any longer. I think Justin is worthy of my love . Will I be worthy of his love, though?
    She felt comfortable in his arms, and Justin felt natural, holding her close as they danced. He surprised himself and Cammie to a lesser degree, by moving his hand up and tilting her face up to his by her chin. He leaned down and kissed her lips lightly, but lovingly as they continued to sway to the music.
    Cammie parted her lips for his tongue, and they kissed slowly and deeply for a few long and glorious moments. She closed her eyes, as she got lost in the moment. She didn’t need to see him. She needed to feel him. She needed to feel his body against hers. She needed to taste his lips and tongue as she kissed him. She moaned quietly into his mouth, a sound of pure pleasure as the heat between her thighs became almost unbearable. She felt his throbbing hard manhood pressed against her lower belly, and she knew then that she needed him inside her.
    As the song ended, they mutually broke the kiss and pulled back. She looked up into his eyes and smiled sensuously. She parted her lush full lips to lick the taste of his mouth from them, and whispered, “Take me home, Justin.”
    Justin’s eyes filled with hunger at her words, and he simply nodded. He didn’t trust himself to speak in that moment, but merely interlaced his fingers with hers as he led her from the dance

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