A Weekend of Misbehaving

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Authors: Carmen Falcone
knowing my eye color was part of a crucial standardized test, you’d fail big time.”
    Fail. The word stabbed him, and he inhaled. It brought to mind the voice and sordid laughter of his late wife, which echoed in the depths of his brain even after three years. His spine locked into place, and he rotated in his seat and edged closer to Alice until the fabric of his pants rubbed against her jeans. Kristin never believed he would be this successful. If she were alive, wouldn’t she rejoice at the possibility of him losing everything he worked hard to achieve?
    “To a passerby, your eyes are brown.” The mockery in her expression vanished, and so did her smile. Her shoulders sagged a little, and a current of air left her parted lips. He lifted his fingers and traced her jaw. “When you’re excited about something, they shift into a melted, dark gold.” Like now. He outlined her cheeks, and she almost jumped out of her seat, her soft skin leaning into his caress. With the tips of his fingers, he slid down her lips, luscious and sultry like a Botticelli painting.
    His fingertips tingled, heat shooting up his arm. She closed her lips but didn’t move a single inch away from him. He held her stare until flecks of shimmer surrounded her dilated pupils. Then, outlining her lips, he held his breath as she closed her eyes. Did she expect him to kiss her? Nonsense.
    He tucked her hair behind her ear and dipped his head lower, his breath brushing her earlobe. He leaned in a little farther, his lips about to touch her warm skin, and whispered, “Failing, tesoro mio , is not part of my vocabulary.”
    And he used every bit of his self-control to pull away.

    W ell, now he knew how to keep her quiet. Lorenzo smoothed his jacket. She’d said no more than a couple words since he’d returned to his seat and pretended to fall asleep. Maybe she tried to do the same, although he could feel her tossing and turning for a few hours, until she reached for the entertainment system, and he fell asleep.
    She was probably horrified by his behavior. Good. He had to show her that he didn’t need to be a chatterbox like her to make an impression.
    From the flight to Naples to the boat ride to Capri, she remained silent. At first he appreciated the quiet, but as they rode in the car that Viola had sent for them, he started to get impatient. He stretched his restless legs in the limo and cracked his knuckles.
    Alice had a headset on and watched a movie on her phone. He called her name—one, two, three times. No response.
    He nudged her leg, and she startled and took the audio set off. “Yes?”
    “We should be there in a few minutes.”
    “Okay, Mr. B.”
    “I’m Lorenzo now, remember?”
    He rolled down the window and let the sea breeze swirl around him. The pink flowers and green bushes multiplied as the car made its way up the hill, and the endless turquoise ocean sparkled beneath them.
    “Nice, isn’t it?”
    “Not bad.” She glanced at the panoramic view for no longer than a second, then returned her attention to the phone.
    “Are you mad at me?”
    She waved him off. “No, that would be childish.”
    “Then why are you so quiet?”
    “To show you how annoying that can be.”
    He chuckled. “Don’t be catty, Alice. That’s not your style.” That’s mine.
    She shook her head, her lips breaking into a smile. She gave him a glance like she saw another side of him, like she knew him from a former era.
    He inhaled and pointed out the window. “Looks like we’re here.”

Chapter Three
    A lice stepped out of the limo with the gentle help of the driver. She contemplated the villa nestled between other estates and a protuberance of bright green trees and pink flowers that looked like they had been drawn with a fluorescent crayon. The orange and pale yellow of the house contrasted against the cornflower blue sky, and warmth poured over her. Despite the nonsense leading to this trip, coming to this place made it all

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