Bearly Healed: Pacific Northwest Bears: (Shifter Romance)

Read Bearly Healed: Pacific Northwest Bears: (Shifter Romance) for Free Online

Book: Read Bearly Healed: Pacific Northwest Bears: (Shifter Romance) for Free Online
Authors: Moxie North
wasn’t an issue. Cash had money. He just never thought he needed to live any different from how he’d grown up. At forty-nine, he was still young and looking forward to a long shifter life. Having money now didn’t mean you’d have money later. He figured live quiet, and you’d always be set.
    So his old Ford was faded and only had an AM/FM radio. But the engine was tip top, and it got him where he needed to go.
    Heading down the road into the dark forest, his headlights cast a shadowy glow against the trunks of the trees. There was rarely anyone else on these roads but hitting a deer would suck.
    Cash liked driving at night. Gave him time to contemplate life. Not that he had a complicated life. In fact, he preferred his quiet existence. He worked, he ran his bear, he spent time with his family. Outside of not having a mate, he couldn’t complain.
    He was enjoying the break from the lumber mill. He would never bitch and moan about working a business that kept all of his extended family employed. His family, not just his immediate family, but all of the Rochons lived well. They were happily ensconced in their trees.
    The mill was prosperous. They shipped wood all over the country on trucks they owned. When their trucking business had taken off, they’d expanded outside of just lumber and now did cross country trucking. Another good business to be in.
    Cash had a house that he’d built with his own two hands about twenty years ago. He’d designed it with the idea of a big family. It had five bedrooms and three bathrooms. There was a triangle shaped great room with large windows letting in light and allowing for great views.
    He’d purposefully built the house backward, so the main windows all looked over the river with unobstructed views. Cash thought about the changes he would make when he had a mate. He knew where he was going to put the playhouse and swingset for his cubs. He had designed plans for a climbing structure and sandbox.
    Knowing he wanted his kids to grow up happy and content in their quiet life, he planned on making sure they were never bored.
    Pulling off the highway, he turned down a dirt road that led back into the woods. When he was building, he’d also swapped the entrance to the garage so that it faced the drive coming up. Aside from a few windows and a door that led into the mudroom attached to the laundry room, the back of the house looked plain.
    The beauty of the place was from the massive deck on the front. Parking the truck inside the garage, he got out and sniffed to see if anyone was around. Usually, his family called if they were coming over, but he had a few younger cousins that would show up to hang out at “Uncle Cash’s.” Which meant they would raid his fridge and when they managed to clean him out would end up leaving.
    Cash got smart a few years ago and put another fridge and freezer in his garage that he padlocked to keep the little bastards out.
    He loved them, but they ate like bears going into hibernation all the time. Walking through the door that led to his kitchen, he clicked on the lights. He spotted a plate of brownies on the counter. His mom had been there. Food would often appear whenever his mom or sister got baking. Since he usually didn’t lock up his house, his family tended to come and go as they pleased.
    Opening the fridge, he spied half a plate of lasagna. He’d actually cooked that. It was one of his many freezer meals. He had three more in the garage, frozen waiting to be heated up. Yup, he liked to cook ahead. With his schedule, he would never get a hot meal if he didn’t. Plus he preferred his cooking to picking up fast food.
    Pulling open a drawer and grabbing a fork, he didn’t bother heating up his meal tonight. He toed off his sneakers that he’d switched into at base camp. His boots had been caked with mud, and he didn’t feel like tracking that all over his house or Connie’s. Usually, he kept all his shoes in the mudroom since he was a bit

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