Beautifully Revealed

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Authors: Bethany Bazile
but the fact that she kept it a secret leads me to think there’s more going on.
    “Thanks , Brody.” I hang up the phone, wondering if I was better off not knowing that last part.  I didn’t hire Brody to spy on Ella. I have a really bad feeling about Damon so I hired Brody to keep an eye on her. She would never agree if she knew, so the only way I can keep her safe is to have Brody secretly follow her.
    I glance at my phone, press a button, and seconds later the voice in the phone gives me the address to Cayden Knight's office. Is it a good idea to confront him? Probably not . Do I give a fuck? No . The constant tug of war I play with Ella is wearing on me and I’m reacting in ways I never imagined I would.
    The ride to his office takes less than ten minutes. His receptionist is a bit shell -shocked when she sees me enter the office, but she recovers quickly and announces my arrival to her boss. Cayden is sitting behind his desk trying his best to look unfazed by my appearance, but his shifting eyes give away his unease. I sit across from him and intertwine my fingers. “What do you want from Ella?”
    He lets out a dry laugh, leans back in his chair , and crosses his arms. “I’m just her doctor,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.
    “If I believed that I wouldn’t be here.” I lean forward resting my elbows on my knees. “You think I don’t see the lust that burns in your eyes for her, you look at her with the same hunger I do.”
    “Isabella is an amazingly beautiful and strong woman, what man wouldn’t want her?” he says. “I’m not sure if I’m drawn to her for her beauty or the need to help her, but I’m a professional and she’s my patient. She needs help and I hope you won’t let your ego stop her from getting the help she needs.”
    “You think I don’t know she needs help? I have no problem with her getting help. I just don’t like the idea of her getting that help from you. I don’t think it’s very professional for you to lust after a patient.”
    He gets up and leans over with his palms on the desk, “Whether you like it or not, I’m who she chooses to help her. I’m the one she turns to, so unless you’re willing to hinder the progress she’s made, you need to back off and let me help her.”
    The triumphant glint in his eyes and his cocky attitude proves that I was right in my assumptions. He wants Ella and he may think that he can get her. I rise up and lean over his desk, undermining his attempt to intimidate me.
    “I’m not here to play ‘ Who’s going to win Ella?’ with you, because I’ve already won. She’s mine and will always be mine. I’m here to warn you, not to use her trust in you to wedge your way into her life as more than her therapist. I don’t like you, and I don’t trust you, but if you’re what she needs I accept that. Just don’t try to fuck with our relationship or you won’t like the consequences.”
    “Do you even hear yourself? You talk about her like she’s your possession. I don’t think your relationship is healthy for her.”
    “Don’t fuck with me, Dr. Knight. Leave our relationship out of your sessions. You may think our relationship is screwed up, but that’s what we are, two people who are making something out of the shit life we used to lead.”
    He shakes his head and sits back down in his chair. He stares at me with disdain before saying, “Are we done?”
    “For now. ” I walk out his office ten times more pissed off than when I got here. I knew he would try to pull that unhealthy relationship shit with Ella. I just hope he heeds my warning because if Ella starts to pull away from me due to his influence on her, I will put a stop to their sessions, and find Ella an impartial therapist.
    As s oon as I get to the car, I slam the door shut behind me, and rest my head on the steering wheel. This thing between Ella and I just doesn’t seem to get any better. She’s leaving this weekend to go to Vegas with Lucas, and if

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