Caroline's Seduction (Montgomery Family and Friends)
Tallahassee.  Things were a mess and he couldn’t really blame it on the project manager.  The former owner was a snake in the grass.   Kyle started the engine and eased his brand new European crossover into merging traffic.  “I see you’ve made a friend already.  How was the first day of school?  Not as bad as you imagined it would be, I’m sure.” 
    “You’re right dad, it wasn’t nearly as bad.  Actually I think I’m going to like it here a whole lot.  And my new friend is Jay Davidson.  He’s in my last period honors biology class.  Ms. Johnson my biology teacher is the greatest.  I think it’s going to be an excellent year after all.  So take your time with this new company.  I’m really not in that much of a hurry to return to Atlanta.”
    Kyle automatically stiffened when he heard the name Ms. Johnson.  He knew that Caroline had trained to be a high school science teacher and her maiden name was Johnson.  He ruthlessly pushed all thought of his ex-lover aside.  Then he fought to get his wayward thoughts under control.  What were the chances of both of them showing up in this small Florida town at the same time?  Slim to none would be Kyle’s guess and he was rarely wrong.  Besides she was probably married by now with a different last name. He didn’t stop to wonder why the thought of her being married left such a bad taste in his mouth.  He concentrated on making small talk with his daughter.
    Sarah thought about coming clean with her dad.  After all there was no way she’d be able to hide her science teacher’s identity all year.   Sarah inwardly shrugged and decided to keep her secret at least for now.  She and Ms. Johnson didn’t have any issues with each other and she really liked her teacher and the class.  She wasn’t going to take any chances that her dad might overreact and pull her out of the class maybe even the school.  She’d noticed the sudden stillness and silence that had accompanied her mention of the name Ms. Johnson.  Yep she’d be better off letting her dad find out on his own, hopefully well after the start of the school year.
    “Don’t forget, dad.  I start volleyball practice tomorrow.  You don’t have to pick me up until five-thirty.”  They continued talking until Kyle dropped Sarah off at the house they were renting for their stay in Florida.  She told him a little about all of her classes so that he wouldn’t spend too much time dwelling on her biology class and the name of her teacher.
    “I’m glad you had a great first day,” Kyle said in relief.  He’d been worried that his daughter wouldn’t adjust to a new school so easily.  She’d been bitter about leaving her friends behind in their Atlanta suburb when they’d moved.  Her quick adjustment would take some of the worry from his shoulders.  This was a difficult takeover.  And on top of everything else, the former owner was trying to stir up unrest between the employees.  Sarah might get her wish to finish out the school year in Florida after all, because a labor problem would certainly slow down progress and extend their stay indefinitely. 
    “I’ve got to go back to Tallahassee,” he warned his daughter.  “I have a meeting scheduled with all the department heads this evening.  I need to get on top of a budding problem before it grows even worse.  Do your homework and eat a light snack if you get hungry.  I’ll bring takeout back with me for dinner around seven-thirty.”  He gave her an apologetic look.  “I know that’s late for dinner, but it’s the best I can do tonight.  Things will be better once you start volleyball practice and we settle into a routine.  I promise.”
    Sarah waved at her dad as he drove around the cul-de-sac and disappeared out of the golf course community that housed their temporary home.  Yep, she told herself as she closed and locked the front door behind her.  It was going to be an interesting year

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