Concealed Carry

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Book: Read Concealed Carry for Free Online
Authors: Hildie McQueen
    "I hate that wall. My mom painted it right after she and my dad got their second divorce."
    "So you hate my blouse too?" She rolled her eyes. "It doesn't matter to me if you don't like it. I got two compliments today on it."
    He didn't look convinced, but had the decency maintain an emotionless expression. "I'm sorry. You look very nice."
    "Too late Buster," Lisa said pushing past him. "I'm out for the day."
    He reached out and placed his hand on her forearm stopping her. "I need to discuss repayment."
    Well it wasn't like she could avoid him. Mr. Wells had informed her while she was in his office that the landscaping job was going to take another week. Mrs. Wells now insisted they needed a water feature on the side entrance with a gazebo so the employees could relax and refresh. A free day off would be a lot more refreshing than a damn water feature in Lisa's opinion.
    "Yes well, it seems we have different ideas of what type of repayment is required." Lisa huffed, but sat down.
    It was hard to concentrate when he lifted his hand and raked his fingers through his tussled da rk brown hair. The move showed off his well-formed biceps.
    "Would you stop doing that and sit down." Lisa told him motioning to a chair opposite her.
    "Doing what?" He sat.
    She ignored his question. "How much damage did I do? Give me an amount. I can write you a post-dated check."
    " Take care of me for a week."
    She knew her eyes bulged. "You want me to spend a week with you and the naked blonde girl?"
    "What?" He frowned. " No. She’s not going to be there. At least I hope not." He held up his hands as if it was out of his control.
    "Where do you plan for me to stay for that week?" She asked out of morbid curiosity. Hell, if he said Jamaica, she might just take him up on his offer.
    "My house. I'll be in bed the whole time, so it's not like we can go far."
    Of course her stupid brain immediately conjured a picture of him, naked, tanned and muscular lying in a rumpled bed. She followed it up by imaging him inviting her to join him. Lisa cleared her throat. "You are going to stay in bed for an entire week?"
    "Well it depends, hopefully not the entire time. I mean, I have to use the bathroom and stuff, but other than that, yep I pretty much will probably have to stay in bed."
    "Wait what are we talking about?"
    He lifted his hand and placed his palm against his forehead. "Oh yeah, sorry I should explain. I am asking if you can care for me while I recover from an operation. I'm donating a kidney to my sister Thursday after next."
    "And that's worth the same as the damage I did?" Lisa asked, not sure what to think.
    "Probably more, I mean the damage is only about a grand."
    Oh shit. "I'll do it."
    "Wait." Lisa narrowed her eyes. "Why isn't naked girl doing this?"
    "I don't really know her."
    He smiled and she wondered if she'd just peed her pants. The man was a walking wet dream. "Thanks. By the way, what were you planning to do with the whipped cream?"
    "Oh … I was going to put it on the pumpkin pie I brought. I accidently left it in the car. I found it yesterday, it was gross."
    "Ah." He didn't look convinced.

    Chapter Six
    "Are you sure you can trust this woman to care for you?" Max's mother paced the width of Tina's hospital room holding a cigarette in her hand, her heels clicking on the tile floor.
    "Mom, you do know you can't smoke in here right?" Max asked her and Tina pressed her lips together to keep from laughing.
    " I don't smoke," his mother glared at him and pointed first at Tina and then at him, not deterred from her initial topic. "So, neither of you don't want me around while you recuperate?"
    "You can bring us food," Tina offered and picked up her iPad avoiding her mother's eyes. "Besides, you and Tom don't get along."
    "You can watch the cat," Dean piped up from the corner where he sat eating from a huge bag of M&Ms. "Somebody has to take care of Alfred Hitchcock."
    "The cat hates me," their

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