Courting Passion

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Book: Read Courting Passion for Free Online
Authors: Elizabeth Lapthorne
hissed between clenched teeth. His hand cradled the back of her skull. He pulled a dozen or so pins from her hair and the tresses fell just below her shoulders.
    Immediately, his fingers twisted in the strands and he groaned his approval. His hips set a driving rhythm and, once she’d acclimatised to it, she began to bob her head in time. Her tongue flicked out and she laved at the pre-cum that leaked from his tip.
    Katherine found she had to focus on keeping her breathing regulated, her excitement warring with her racing heart and threatening to make her lose control. After a moment, her eyes fluttered closed and she massaged her breasts, squeezing the nipples in mimicry of what Garth had done earlier in the day.
    “Let me,” he said, his voice thick with lust. Garth covered her hand with his and he took over from her with evident pleasure. Katherine’s head fell back as much as it was able and a moan of deep satisfaction rumbled through her, vibrating in her throat and caressing his cock with the sound.
    Garth pumped his prick faster into her mouth, the usually fierce grip on his control clearly slipping. With one hand he guided her head down in an ever increasing pace while the other fondled her breasts with skill.
    “Oh, that’s perfect, right there, yes,” he shouted, his voice rising in pitch as his face and upper chest flushed with arousal. On a low, muted roar he climaxed, his cock hammering the back of her throat as thick, salty seed shot into her mouth. Katherine swallowed as he emptied his balls into her.
    Garth’s grip on her hair loosened as he rode through his release, his cock only going partially soft. Clearly, he wasn’t close to finished with her. When he’d come down, she ran her tongue around the tip of his head, pleased with herself for not flinching as his thick cock all but suffocated her, bruising her throat with his enthusiasm.
    When she was certain he’d relaxed, even though he hadn’t softened much at all, she lifted her head from him and licked her lips like a very satisfied woman.
    “That was a delicious appetiser,” she purred. He lifted his hands to her shoulders and held her. Guiding her back onto his lap, he kissed her and plundered her mouth with his tongue.
    She shared his taste with him, eating at his mouth as her own arousal spiked. His cock stirred beneath her slacks and heat radiated from him. Katherine unfastened her suit pants and wriggled her body as she slid the smooth material down her thighs to her knees.
    Pressing Garth back onto the couch, she continued to kiss him as she stretched her legs behind her. A few tugs and she managed to slip the trousers off. They crumpled into a pool on the floor.
    With her palms flat against the muscles of his chest, Katherine pushed herself reluctantly to her feet. Garth sat forward, his hands reaching for her. Chortling, she ducked his hands and grinned at him.
    “If you want me, you’ll have to catch me.”
    Garth raised his eyebrows at her. With a sexy swish of her ass, she turned and fled. Loud, thumping footsteps followed her as she fled into the kitchen. Racing around the island bench Katherine sucked in a breath as her bare feet slapped on the cool tiles.
    Bloody hell, her juices were flowing. Excitement sang through her blood. She shot a quick look over her shoulder and saw Garth barely two paces behind her. She feinted right, as if she were about to run out into the back yard but dived left at the last moment.
    A thump sounded as Garth pushed himself off the back door. The mental image that it brought to mind made her chuckle, his curses filled the air. She dashed down the hall towards the bedroom. The smooth floorboards felt slippery under her feet. She could feel the vibrations of his heavy step catching up with her. Unable to restrain herself, Katherine laughed in sheer delight as she crashed through the bedroom doorway and felt warm, solid arms wrap around her.
    Garth’s momentum lifted her and they both fell into a

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