Deadlands Heat (Doomsday Lover Book 1)

Read Deadlands Heat (Doomsday Lover Book 1) for Free Online

Book: Read Deadlands Heat (Doomsday Lover Book 1) for Free Online
Authors: Sienna Cole
    “You don’t think so?” He moved to gaze down at me. “You should have seen the way you looked at me when I walked in. The way you’re looking at me right now. That is the reason I’m doing this.”
    “Oh.” Holy shit. What did you even say to that? I cleared my throat, utterly lost for a response.
    “Here.” He pressed a cold wineglass into my hand.
    Perfect! An excuse to stop talking. I took a long refreshing swallow of sweet, chilled white wine and concentrated on slowing my racing heart. “This is really delicious. Like top-shelf, bottle-with-a-label delicious.”
    “I’m pleased you like it.”
    “I love it.” I downed the rest. “I think I’ve just found my soul mate.”
    “I’d help you plan the wedding, but your groom wouldn’t survive the toast.” He took the glass from me and set it aside. “Now, tip back your head so I can rinse you.”
    I put my head back and closed my eyes with a sigh. “Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome. Stand up.”
    I stood and he wrapped a fluffy white towel around me.
    “ White? ” I exclaimed in mock horror. “But this is the blue room!”
    He laughed and scooped me off my feet, carrying me towards the bed. He set me down and I watched his lean bare feet as he crossed the room. My eyes traveled up his long legs, over the contours of his ass and up his bronze back before he reached the wall to tug on the golden pull-cord. A bell chimed and a brightly dressed servant appeared.
    I squirmed. The walls here were literally made of cloth. The servants must be able to hear everything. Who knew how many of them were out there listening ?
    Amir’s voice startled me. “We may have to put you back in the pink room.”
    He came over and touched my flaming cheek. “What are you thinking?”
    “Ah…about the walls.”
    His brow wrinkled. “The walls?”
    “Yeah, as in, they’re not solid. People can hear… everything .”
    “So?” He brushed a damp strand of hair behind my ear, and then leaned down to whisper. “When I’m through with you, you won’t even remember there are walls. I’ll make you forget that anything else exists beyond the sensation of your skin on mine.”
    Holy . Shit . I blinked at him.
    “If you keep looking at me like that I’m going to take you right now.”
    I swallowed. “…why don’t you?”
    “Anticipation is the headiest spice.”
    “If you ask me, things are plenty spicy right now.” I knew it sounded pouty and I didn’t care.
    He chuckled. “Eager little minx, aren’t you?”
    I looked down at my fingers. “Maybe.”
    “Well, too bad. I intend to fully sate you before sating myself upon you. Here.” He refilled my wineglass and handed it to me. “Spend time with your soul mate. He misses you.”
    I sipped it slowly this time, savoring each crisp, exquisite mouthful.
    The servant from before returned carrying a huge round tray, covered in little silver-domed serving dishes. He arranged them on the table and left just as a group of servants came in and began emptying the tub. I clutched the towel self-consciously and tried to avoid eye contact.
    “Ignore them. Come. Sit.” Amir patted the couch beside him and when I hesitated, he grabbed the robe from where it was draped and tossed it to me.
    It was about ten sizes too big, but at least I was more-or-less covered. I joined him on the sofa by the spread of food. It was mostly fruit; strawberries, raspberries, grapes, melon balls and chunks of pineapple. There were also dishes of heavy whipped cream and dark melted chocolate—and skewers to dip with. My stomach murmured encouragement. I’d forgotten I was hungry and now my appetite was back with a vengeance.
    Amir dipped a strawberry in chocolate and brought it to my lips. “Open your mouth.”
    I glanced towards the servants and his eyes narrowed. Hell. What was I thinking? It was just fruit—nothing to see here folks… I opened for him and he pushed the candy-coated berry between my lips. Oh

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