Destination Wedding ~ A Novel

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Book: Read Destination Wedding ~ A Novel for Free Online
Authors: Deanna Lynn Sletten
Cameron and Angela had a cabana down near the pool and Kaylie and her boyfriend had a room on the third floor.
    "Now," Sandra said, smiling up at Claire and Jim. "That just leaves the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin."
    Claire frowned. Why was this woman putting their names together?
    Sandra handed Jim a key. "Your room is also on the third floor. It's 3A. You're going to love this room. It has a balcony and a lovely view of the ocean, and of course all the rooms have a harbor view as well."
    Claire stood silent a moment. What about her key?
    "Well, that's it. Be sure to let me know if you need anything at all," Sandra said. "And tomorrow when you get a chance, pop in and we'll finalize the wedding plans for Saturday."
    Claire looked over at Mandy. Mandy looked back at her, confused.
    "Um, we need one more room," Mandy said. "My mom booked a third floor room, too."
    Sandra blinked. She looked from Jim to Claire. "I'm sorry. Aren't you the bride's mother?"
    "Yes," Claire said. "But I have my own room. It was booked under my name, Claire Martin."
    Sandra walked back to her desk and peered at her computer. "It says here there is a room for Mr. & Mrs. Jim Martin. It was originally a cottage, but then Mr. Martin called to cancel the cottage and requested the room instead."
    Mandy stepped over to the desk. "Yes, that was for my Dad and his wife. But my Mom also booked a room for herself. It was with the original room bookings."
    Sandra stared at her computer as if an answer would come to her. She bit her lip. "I'm confused. Isn't Mrs. Martin your mother?"
    "Yes, she is," Mandy said. "But my parents are divorced. There is another Mrs. Martin who was supposed to share the room with my Dad, but she didn't come after all. My parents need separate rooms."
    Claire watched and listened to the whole exchange growing more and more nervous. She grabbed her charm bracelet and began slowly twirling it on her wrist.
    "I'm sorry," Sandra said. "I'm not sure how it happened, but when Mr. Martin switched from the cottage to a room, it must have been assumed he would be in Mrs. Martin's room. We had no idea there were two Mrs. Martins."
    Claire's eyes grew wider by the minute.
    "Then we'll need another room," Mandy said calmly.
    Sandra looked up at her with a strange look on her face. "You don't understand. We have no more available rooms. The lodge is booked solid for the entire week. We have three wedding parties here, and all the rooms, cabanas, and cottages are full."
    Mandy looked over at her mom, a panicked look on her face. Claire stepped up to the desk. "Well, there must be something," she said. "I mean, you can't expect me and Jim to share a room. Are you sure you're booked full? Maybe there's just a mistake in the computer."
    "I'm sorry, but there's nothing left," Sandra said again.
    "What about another hotel or resort on the island?" Jim spoke up. "There must be an empty room somewhere nearby."
    Sandra bit her lip again. "I'm afraid all three resorts on the island are booked solid. I just called everyone this morning for another party and there isn't an empty room on the island."
    "Oh, you can't be serious," Claire exclaimed, starting to lose her composure. "There must be something on the island. How can there be no rooms?"
    "I'm sorry, Mrs. Martin," Sandra said, looking distraught. "I'm sure there are house rentals available on the island, but they can cost between two to five thousand dollars a week."
    "Fine," Claire said, looking over at Mandy. "Your dad can rent a house."
    "Mom, are you kidding? That's too much money," Mandy said.
    "What else is he going to do?" Claire asked, her voice rising.
    Jim stepped up beside Claire and Mandy. Calmly, he said, "I'm not sure a rental house is the answer. What about another island close by?"
    "Oh, maybe there's a hotel or resort back at Marsh Harbour that has an open room," Sandra said. "Would you like me to check?"
    "No," Mandy exclaimed. "Dad. I want you on the same island as us, not a

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