Fall of the Mortals (Book 1)

Read Fall of the Mortals (Book 1) for Free Online

Book: Read Fall of the Mortals (Book 1) for Free Online
Authors: Ken Bush
Tags: vampire apocalypse
dangerous thing to do but he couldn’t help it, he was still in love with her. He promised himself he would keep his guard up but he knew he wasn’t that strong. Being around her again made him feel alive. He didn’t care about slipping into her spell either. In a way, he liked it. It was intoxicating.
    He quietly left the room again and headed to level sixty-eight. His heart began to pound. He felt anxious. It was like meeting Sharon all over again but being just as in love with her.
    The elevator doors opened. He saw her outside the window. She looked fantastic. She formed a cold grin watching him draw closer. He knew he was a complete idiot but he didn’t care, he had to see her.
    “I’m back,” said Shaun.
    “Will you invite me in now?” asked Sharon.
    “You know I can’t. I want to so bad but I can’t.”
    “Why?” she asked.
    “It puts the others at risk.”
    “You don’t trust me,” said Sharon.
    “The vampire, I don’t,” answered Shaun. “Are you still my wife? Or is she lost?”
    “Let me in, Shaun. I’ll show you how sexy I think you are.”
    Shaun was in trouble. He felt temptation take hold of him. He didn’t know if he could hold her off much longer. Maybe I can trust her. I have the crucifix in my pocket if she tries anything, he thought.
    “Where’s Kylie?” he asked.
    Sharon’s expression was blank.
    “Our daughter? Where is she?” he asked.
    “I don’t know,” said Sharon. “But she’s here among us.”
    Shaun’s eyes watered.
    “Have you tried to find her?”
    “She is one of us, Shaun. No harm can come to her.”
    He looked down in sadness.
    “Don’t dwell on her,” said Sharon. “Let me in and I’ll make you immortal.”
    Shaun looked at her.
    “Immortal?” he asked.
    “You must come with me if you want to see our daughter again.”
    A cold feeling ran down his spine. Her offer was tempting.
    “Bring her here tomorrow night,” said Shaun.
    Sharon began to weep.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked.
    “I’m thirsty, Shaun,” she said. “Very thirsty.”
    Shaun looked around. He saw a small paper cup on the floor.
    “Wait here,” he said.
    He picked up the cup and used his pocketknife to make a small cut on his hand. Some blood droplets dripped into the cup. Sharon’s eyes went large. Her mouth salivated. She licked her top lip, anxiously waiting for him to hand her the cup. He began to extend his hand to her. She tried to reach for it but the fumes on the blinds were too powerful.
    “Bring it closer to me,” she demanded.
    He carefully extended the cup through the blinds and then the broken window. She reached for it but he pulled it back.
    “Tomorrow. Bring Kylie.”
    “Fine! Give it to me!” she hollered angrily.
    Sharon grabbed the cup and drank the droplets, crushing the cup in her face. She closed her eyes, licking her lips fervently as if it filled her with euphoria. She opened her eyes and looked back at Shaun.
    “Tomorrow night,” she said and flew away.

Trouble at the Hospital
    Morning came over the city. Shaun, Thai and Yuri came out of the tower. They walked to the parking terrace.
    “How we doing this?” asked Thai.
    “We’ll check all the pharmacies in the area first,” said Shaun. “But there’s a problem.”
    “What?” asked Yuri.
    “Antipsychotic meds are prescription drugs,” said Shaun. “They’re not going to be just sitting on the shelf unless we’re totally lucky.”
    “Good point,” replied Thai.
    “Get me what we need. I’ll make it,” said Yuri.
    “Do I look like a pharmacist?” said Shaun. “I don’t know what they put in the stuff. I know of a few types of meds but that’s it.”
    “Pharmacist maybe have book?” asked Yuri.
    “It’s worth a shot,” said Thai.
    “Let’s go,” said Shaun.
    Shaun drove up to a downtown pharmacy in the Ferrari. The glass windows and doors of the pharmacy were broken. They went through the interior searching for the

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