Read Fugitive for Free Online

Book: Read Fugitive for Free Online
Authors: Phillip Margolin
Tags: Fiction, General, Thrillers
    Marsh started calling himself Gabriel Sun and hawking self-revelation and salvation through Inner Light seminars, which he held all over the country. Twelve years ago, United States congressman Arnold Pope Jr. was shot at one of these seminars. Marsh and the congressman's wife were charged with the murder and Marsh fled the country.
    Brice slid a thick folder across her desk.
    This is background on the guru. It will give you enough information to conduct an interview with him.
    Dennis flipped through the file, which was crammed with newspaper clippings and computer printouts.
    Marsh is hiding out in Africa, isn't he? he asked, starting to remember facts about the subject of his story.
    Brice nodded. He's in Batanga.
    Dennis frowned. Isn't that the country that's ruled by a cannibal?
    Those rumors about President Baptiste eating the ex-president's heart have never been verified. I suspect he spread them himself to scare the dickens out of anyone who was thinking of opposing him. But you can ask Mr. Marsh. I hear he knows the president very well.
    So, how am I doing this interview, by phone?
    Brice smiled warmly. You know that's not how we conduct business at World News. I've booked you on a flight to Lagos, Nigeria, that leaves at seven tonight from JFK.
    This evening?
    That's not a problem, is it?
    No, no. I can leave tonight.
    Good. It's a short hop from Lagos to Baptisteville.
    Dennis was stunned by his good fortune. He was flying to Africa to interview an international celebrity in a country ruled by a cannibal. How cool was that! And though he knew next to nothing about Charlie Marsh, he was a quick study. By the time he landed in Baptisteville, he'd be ready to rock and roll.
    Is there anything special you want me to discuss in the interview? Dennis asked.
    Don't worry about the interview. Mr. Marsh will be returning to the States with you and you'll have plenty of time to talk to him.
    Dennis frowned. Isn't he still under indictment for murder?
    Yes. That's why he's returning. He's always claimed he was innocent of the charges and he wants to clear his name.
    Wow! So this could be a really big story?
    It will be a really big story, and it will be your story. Do you think you can handle it?
    There could be a book in this, too. You'll see what I mean when you read through the file.
    A book! A huge story and a book! Dennis was having trouble breathing.
    There is one thing, though, Martha said. She reached behind her desk and pulled out a valise that looked like it had gone through the wars. When you pack I want you to use this suitcase.
    I have a nice valise at home.
    I' m sure it's much nicer than this but it doesn't have seventy-five thousand dollars concealed in it, does it?
    Mr. Marsh is in great danger. He could be dead by the time you land, tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll be alive and you can give him this money, which will be used to aid his escape.
    This sounds dangerous, Dennis said warily.
    It is dangerous, but so is reporting in a war zone or flying into the eye of a hurricane. Top reporters court danger. I had you pegged as someone who would welcome the chance to take risks to land a story that could win a Pulitzer Prize. Was I wrong? If you think this is too big for you
    No, no, I can handle it, but won't Mr. Marsh be arrested when he lands in the States? Don't they check to see if you' re a wanted criminal on the computers at Immigration when you fly in from a foreign country?
    Brice nodded. That's why he'll be using a passport with another name.
    But that's illegal.
    I'll be arrested if I help him sneak into the country illegally.
    Perhaps, but we'd hire the best lawyers for you. Besides, I suspect you'll be protected by the First Amendment.
    Is that true? Have you asked a lawyer about that?
    There wasn't any time. Mr. Marsh's life is hanging by a thread. Do you want to chance his being arrested, tortured, and killed while we seek a legal opinion?
    Of course not.
    Are you

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