Her Sicilian Arrangement

Read Her Sicilian Arrangement for Free Online

Book: Read Her Sicilian Arrangement for Free Online
Authors: Hannah-Lee Hitchman
Tags: Drama, Romance, Contemporary, free, hannahlee hitchman
enter a black SUV that had just pulled
up behind the limousine. She looked at it dubiously and reached for
the door handle when the door opened. She sighed heavily and then
slid inside. Right there and then, she was sitting face-to-face
with the Marco Mussolini. For a moment, she felt as if she was
sitting in front of a huge fire. Was it his intensity or was it the
hot stare that he was now giving her? She swallowed and then tried
to keep her legs locked together as she saw his eyes move from her
face to her legs.
then saw him reach to press a button and then felt the vehicle
    “What—what is going on?” she muttered, her eyes flying open
with suspicion. “What are you doing?” Her eyes then reached for the
handle but the door would not open. “ Let me out ! I thought you said that we were just going to
are going to talk, Signora. In
the privacy of my choice, if you don’t mind.”
    “ Of
course, I mind!” she cackled like a mad peacock. “Unlike you, I
have to work my butt off for a living.”
    “Ahh …so, you
think I don’t work hard? Tell me more,” he muttered with a small
you think this is funny? This—this is kidnapping !”
    “Kidnapping? You came into the car off your own will, mia
tesora .”
    “ That’s because you tricked me! And don’t call me—whatever you
just said!”
tesora ?” he
repeated, questioningly.
    “ Yes. That!”
shrugged and then leant back in his seat. “How do you know that I
was engaged?”
    “ None of your business. I have my ways.”
    “ What are you?” he asked with his accent thick and
frowned irritably.
“I’m a journalist.”
you a spy? Do you work for—what is it you Americanos call it? Ah… the Secret Service?
    “ What? I told you, I am a journalist. I work for the New York’s
Finest magazine.”
    “Hmmm,” he murmured and stared deep into her green eyes. “Were
you trying to unravel me in that meeting, mia tesora ?”
    “ Unravel?” she laughed. “I am simply doing my job, Mr.
favore , call me by
the name my mother gave me; it is Marco.”
    “ Marco…,” she uttered as if it pained her to. “What do you
sat upright and then gave her a look that took the life out of her
legs. “You see, I am hoping that you will help me find that out
very soon.” Her cheeks burnt hotly as his eyes lingered along her
neckline and then her lips. “Do you have un amante ? A lover? I see no wedding ring.”
    “ Yes,” she answered almost too quickly that he looked at her
do you lie, mia
tesora ?”
    “ I
am not lying,” she said and folded her arms above her neat small
    “Sí , you are,”
he replied. “I can see it in your eyes…you look like a woman who
hasn’t been loved by a man in a very long time.” Her eyes widened
as she flung all sorts of profanities at him that made his eyes
widen and then his jaw clench in anger. “ Dio mio! That is no way for a lady to speak!”
pouted indignantly at him and her chest rose and fell rapidly as
her breathing deepened. “Well, I never said I was a
    “ That tongue of yours needs to be soothed,” he said.
frowned and then looked through the window. “The rental car!” she
exclaimed and slapped her forehead.
    “ Is
being taken care of,” he finished.
    “ So,
you planned this?”
    “ Shortly after you nearly humiliated me, yes,” he responded. “I
find you rather intriguing, Meagan.” He pronounced her name so
sweetly that it gave a romantic ring to it. She wouldn’t mind
having him say it over and over again. But she wouldn’t let him
know that.
    “ Too
bad I don’t feel the same way,” she lied. “You’re a
    “ I
am not!” he struck out at her. “I have no need to launder drugs.”
She sighed and looked at him. His eyes burnt through hers. “Have an
early lunch with me.”
    “ I
can’t. I have a job to

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