Hidden Hope (Hidden Saga Book 3)

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Book: Read Hidden Hope (Hidden Saga Book 3) for Free Online
Authors: Amy Patrick
You’re attracting a lot of attention,” I warned him.
    Davis glanced around. Raising a brow and laughing, he flipped a dismissive wave in the direction of our onlookers. “Them? They can’t hear a thing.”
    Suddenly, the chatter in the restaurant grew louder.
    “What? What did you say?” a well-dressed woman at the next table shouted at her date.
    He shook his head. “I can’t hear you.”
    Similar comments filled the balcony, growing louder and louder and turning more panicked by the second. Soon I could hear even the patrons seated inside as they realized they’d suddenly been struck deaf.
    My heart fell into the pit of my stomach, ice cold with fear. “What did you do to them?”
    Davis grinned again and gave another wave. The noise ceased in an instant. Picking up a crusty French roll and coating it in butter, he said, “No more than you’re capable of doing, my daughter. I want to teach you to master your genetic gifts, to reach your full potential. We would be a formidable team, and I could really use the support of my family now—a usurper has surfaced in my kingdom. He has taken what is mine... temporarily.” Leaning forward, he lowered his voice in a confidential tone. “I always re-claim what is mine.” 
    Davis sank his perfect teeth into the roll and ripped off a chunk, never breaking eye contact with me.
    I did not like him. At all. He had just threatened Nox. Who else could the “usurper” be? And I hated that he was so sure he could just take anything he wanted—and anyone.
    “You know, as her daughter, I have some influence over Mom, too. And you should be aware… I’m looking out for her true happiness.” I sounded way more confident than I felt. What could I possibly do against someone as powerful as Davis?
    Mom returned to the table before he could respond.
    “I don’t remember this place ever being so loud. I could hear people talking even inside the ladies room.” She took her seat. “Did someone take our orders yet? I’m starving.”
    Davis laughed and smiled at her adoringly. “Me too, darling. My appetite is never-ending. When I look at what’s on the menu, I can’t help myself... I want it all .”
    He gave me a wink then raised his hand slightly. A waiter sped over to the table. As he and Mom placed their orders, I fought a wave of appetite-killing nausea. I was a part of this man. This insincere, power-hungry, egotistical man.
    As much as I hated the idea, I wished we’d had more time to talk privately and that I could communicate with Davis in the Elven way because I had some questions for him , and I wanted some straight answers. What did he really want with Mom? What did he know about Nox, and what did he have planned for him?
    Maybe Davis wasn’t evil. Maybe he had gotten a bad rap from people who didn’t really know him. But he was scary powerful. And if he could strike an entire restaurant full of people deaf, could he also have influenced a pilot to crash a plane five years ago? And killed Lad’s father in cold blood?

Still Connected
    I tried to get another few minutes alone with Mom before she left the restaurant with Davis. Over dinner she’d excitedly told me all about the quaint inn here in Oxford where he’d booked a room for them to stay the night. But he stayed close by her side and swept her away quickly after the meal.
    The best I could manage was a quick whisper in her ear. “I’ll talk to you soon.”
    Worried, I trudged downstairs to my car and slid behind the wheel. As soon as I got my seatbelt on, my phone rang. I was thrilled to see Nox’s name on the screen in a FaceTime request. I grabbed it and touched the screen to answer.
    “Hi baby. Oh, wow—you look beautiful. How’s my girl?”
    Seeing his face and hearing his sweet tone choked me up. I had to blink back tears. “Oh my God, Nox, I’m so happy to hear from you.”
    “What’s the matter? You look upset. What’s going

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