Polls Apart
there could be a general election on Wednesday the 6 th of May.”
    “What?” Henry shouted at the screen. “Why’s he holding it on a Wednesday? I thought it had to be a Thursday.”
    “It’s convention for the election to be held on a Thursday, but this is Kelvin’s little power game – ‘I can change it so I will change it, ’” Richard scoffed. “It’s pathetic really.”
    Henry shook his head in dismay before turning his focus back to the television where Kelvin had paused for a moment to enjoy the excited little ripple amongst the assembled press, caused by his convention-breaking.
    “My goal is to continue to secure a better future for all, but most especially the children and young people of this country who deserve the best start a nation can offer.”
    Kelvin paused again to smile affectionately at the children gathered directly to his side, but was forced to cut what was meant to be a poignant moment short when one of them embarked on a rigorous effort to release a bogey from his right nostril.
    “Ha! Make that child an honorary member of the Social Democratic Party. He’s created one of the most well-executed diversions ever to be seen in British politics,” Henry roared.
    “Beautiful,” Richard beamed, smacking Henry triumphantly between the shoulder blades.

Social Democrats Rocked by Lloyd “Escort Girl” Claims
M onday, 30 th March, 2009 , UK Newswire – Opposition leader Richard Williams’ hopes of leading the SDP to an election victory in May suffered a severe blow after a Sunday newspaper printed claims his wife previously worked as a professional escort.
    The allegations, published in yesterday’s Sunday Echo newspaper, came just three days after Kelvin Davis announced that a general election would be held on Wednesday, 6 th May. The newspaper claimed that Lloyd worked for the Mademoiselles escort agency in 1994 for a period of six months.
    The timing of the claims about the actress Anna Lloyd, who has been married to Williams for six years, could not have been worse for the Opposition leader or his party who have, to this point, been riding high in the opinion polls.
    The allegations were firmly denied by Lloyd and an SDP spokesman who dismissed the article as “ludicrous”, but the Sunday Echo last night released a statement saying it stood by its story, which, it maintains, is supported by several sources.
    The Sunday Echo editor, Damian Blunt, added there were “more revelations to come” on Lloyd’s past, which, he says, will run in the newspaper this Sunday.
    Williams is expected to make a personal statement about the claims following a visit to City of Bristol College later today where he was due to talk about the Democrats’ planned further education policies.
    While I was shocked to hear the claims made against my wife, Anna, in a Sunday newspaper, I was even more concerned that – at such an important point in this country’s political evolution – so much time and interest should be paid to what is effectively gossip, rather than the real and very serious issues facing this nation.
    I want to assure all those people who long to see Britain stand on its economic feet again and to see the focus shift to some of the most pressing issues in our society – rebuilding the NHS , tackling crime and supporting families – that I will be undaunted in my determination to win the next general election and to make this nation proud again.
    Richard stared mournfully at the newspaper pages in front of him, still trying to absorb the magnitude of his problem. He was sitting in his party HQ office, flanked by Henry on one side and Ray on the other. Sandra was making her way through the Monday morning rush-hour traffic, but they had decided to start without her as Henry was determined to prepare a “statement of intent” before they left – in little over an hour – to catch a train to Bristol where Richard was due to make a speech to college students and staff later that

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