Queermance Anthology, Volume 1

Read Queermance Anthology, Volume 1 for Free Online

Book: Read Queermance Anthology, Volume 1 for Free Online
Authors: Lindy Cameron
over his balls to the root of his now-hard cock. Lifting up to admire my handiwork, I
noticed something strange.
    'Dude! Hand me your phone.'
    Adam lifted his head, opened his eyes, and scowled at me. 'What the fuck d'you want my phone
    'I want to film this shit. It's freaky.' I stared in fascination at Adams balls.
    'I'm not going to let you film my nuts,' Adam squeaked in a higher than normal pitch.
    'Don't be such a wuss. You've gotta see this. Just hand me the fuckin' phone.'
    Adam thrust the phone at me with a sigh and I started recording. Every time I blew on the wet
skin, Adam's balls moved in a jellyfish-like creep under the skin of his scrotum.
    'You're a freak,' Adam said as he peered down at me filming his groin.
    'Says the man with the creepy-crawly balls!' I answered with a laugh.
    Tossing the phone on the bed beside Adam's hip, I wrapped my hand around Adam's still-hard cock,
angling the head toward my mouth.
    I paused. 'Hey, Ad?'
    'Oh for fucks sake, Ed! You're killing me here! What the fuck now?'
    'Do I need to do anything funky with the foreskin?'
    Adam's head fell back on the pillow with a thump. 'We're fuckin' hopeless at this, Cullen. Who
knew getting laid would be so fucking tricky!'
    Before Adam could take a breath to bitch some more, I inserted the pointed tip of my tongue into
the slightly furled skin of his foreskin until I touched the slick skin nestled within.
    'Oh god,' Ad groaned. 'If you stop now, Cullen, I'll fuckin' kill you.'
    Tentatively, I sucked the head of Adam's cock into my mouth. The taste was a mix of spice and
salt. Hmmm. I chased the flavour by rolling my tongue around and in and under and over the
    Adam reached down and started stroking the lower part of his cock while I sucked its head. As he
pulled the skin taut, the head of his cock emerged from the foreskin, allowing my tongue to explore
the leaking slit.
    Adam's pace increased as his litany of sex sounds started to deteriorate into Ohs and Unghs . I tried to match his rhythm but kept getting my nose punched by Adam's knuckles as he
fisted his cock ever faster. After a particularly violent blow brought tears to my eyes, I pulled
off, stilling Adams's frantic motions by grabbing his wrist.
    Adam responded with a high-pitched whimper and tried to take his cock in his hand again.
    'Jesus, Ad! Keep your hands OFF! Fuck me, I never thought sex would be this fucking
    Before his questing hands could get in the way again, I took over the pumping while I lowered my
mouth to engulf the now weeping tip of his cock. Within seconds, Adam's thighs tightened. His cock
stiffened then pulsed as the first shot of cum surged into my mouth. My attempt to swallow and suck
and squeeze and jack all at the same time caused the next shot of cum to fire into my sinuses.
Pulling off, I valiantly tried to finish Adam off, snorting cum out my nose at the same time. What
was I supposed to do with the mouthful that sat on my tongue like a pre-chewed oyster? In the end, I
decided I'd either have to swallow or start breathing through my ears. I tried not to notice the
texture or taste as my throat worked convulsively in an attempt to expel what I'd just swallowed. I
shuddered spasmodically. Christ! I wasn't sure I'd ever grow to like that taste.
    Adam grabbed my wrist to still my hand, pulling me away from his now probably too-sensitive cock.
His gentle tug encouraged me to crawl up his body until I was crouched on my hands and knees above
    He looked down between us. I could feel my painfully hard erection dripping onto the bed.
Stretching down, Adam cradled my balls in his palm, giving them gentle squeezes until, with a silent
cry, I came. Adam's gaze flickered between my erupting cock and my face.
    Once he'd reduced me to a quivering, sated mess, Adam leaned up and, with a hand behind my neck,
pulled me down into a kiss. 'Don't go, Ed,' he murmured as he plucked at my lips with his.
    I stared at him from sex-blurred eyes.

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