Spirited Ride

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Book: Read Spirited Ride for Free Online
Authors: Rebecca Avery
Tags: Romance
father… especially to Lilly . He’d only met Lilly once… at her wedding to her first husband… an affluent prick who TJ hadn’t liked from the get go.
    He’d went up north to her big fancy wedding with Sherri… and couldn’t remember ever feeling as out of place as he had that day. Seeing the child on Lilly’s lap he could see the strong resemblance to Bobby in the little boy’s features.
    “Come on, let’s go dance,” Sherri said to her date before pushing back her chair and standing up.
    After Chris and Sherri headed to the dance floor he was introduced to Tommy’s daughters.
    Gretchen waved and said, “Hi,” while Melody twisted from side to side making her dress flare out while humming to herself. Ginny had her back to the entire group the whole time watching as a couple of guys dragged in stage equipment, instruments and set up a drum kit.
    “Can we stay and watch the band for a little while and go back to the hotel with Uncle Chuck and Aunt Meredith later… please, Daddy?” Gretchen begged.
    “Is it a girl singer, Daddy?” Melody asked, finally looking up from her swirling dress upon hearing Gretchen’s question.
    “Can we sing with them too, Daddy?” Ginny chimed in upon feeling the excitement building in her sisters.
    “Harass the crap out of those guys and rock out right along with them. Go on… give em’ hell, girls,” Chuck answered all three children at once as he made his way over to the table and pulled up a chair next to his wife.
    Before Tommy could stop them the three girls took off at a run to do as Chuck had suggested. Having met everyone but Dickie’s wife, who was across the room with another couple, TJ decided it was now or never.
    “Excuse me for a few minutes,” he said. Then he stood up and made his way over to where Sherri was slow dancing with a man who hadn’t aged well at all.
    “Can I cut in for a second?” he asked Chris.
    The man gave him a dirty look but then released Sherri and stepped back before walking away. Unwilling to make a scene, Sherri allowed him to pull her into his arms.
    They danced in time to the music coming from a small radio playing near the stage, neither of them talking for quite a while. She fit him like glove… her body still matched his in all the ways that mattered. She felt it too… he could tell.
    As much as he hated ending the quiet peace between them at that moment, he waited for her to relax a little bit before saying, “I appreciate Chris letting me dance with my own wife… make sure you thank him for me. I didn’t realize he was so much older than all of us… how’s his health? Be gentle with him, Sherri. You don’t want an old man’s death on your hands.”
    Her shoulders tensed and she completely quit moving and pulled back from him. Looking up at him she said, “I think its past time for us to finish this… we’re not kids anymore… at least I’m not. So before you leave town again for God knows where this time… I want a divorce. I love Chris and he loves me. I think we can be reasonable after all these years… you have your life here and I have mine in Florida. Let’s just clarify all that on paper and call it a day.”
    “What exactly did you have in mind?” he asked, pulling her back into his arms and making her dance with him for a little bit longer.
    “You keep all the fame and fortune you’ve amassed over the past ten years, and I keep what I’ve worked my ass off for in that same time frame… the bar and the house. We haven’t even laid eyes on each other in nearly a decade… this should be pretty cut and dried. It could be finalized in a month… maybe less,” she replied.
    She didn’t have any idea that he was basically broke… but she had to know that other than a few hit songs he’d co-wrote with Tommy that he was relatively nameless to the general public.
    They recognized the songs on the radio… but not that they were his heart and soul… his creations . Sherri was taking a pot

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