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a taste for stealing his father’s cars, apparently. This was an aspect of Theo’s life that Daniel doubted he’d ever understand.
    Daniel had just pulled into his subdivision when he saw Rohan standing on the sidewalk, waiting for him and pointing at something overhead. It was still late summer, but the sun had started dipping lower earlier in the evening. The days were getting shorter. Against the backdrop of a burnt-orange sky, Eric appeared. He whipped up a few prematurely fallen leaves as he landed—a glimpse of the change of seasons to come.
    “Hey, you talk to the new kid?” asked Eric. Eric loved to make an entrance, but he never
like he was making an entrance. Daniel wondered at what point flying kids had begun to seem everyday. When precisely did such things stop being absolutely mind-blowing? He honestly couldn’t remember.
    “Earth to Daniel,” said Rohan. “Did little Plunkett put you into some kind of trance? Eric, I think our friend’s been zombified.”
    “Huh?” asked Daniel. “Oh, you mean Theo? He actually seemed okay.”
    “Did you get inside?” asked Rohan. “Did you do any sleuthing?”
    “I couldn’t get past the front door. But I did meet some of the family. Turns out, Theo’s grandfather is Herman’s brother. He looks just like a plus-sized Herman. It’s creepy.”
    “Well, I’m glad you were able to meet the folks,” said Eric. “But that doesn’t help us figure out what Theo’s game plan is.”
    “Actually, I think it does,” said Daniel. “They were normalpeople, Eric. Theo’s obviously super-spoiled and way too full of himself, but I don’t think he has any kind of game plan other than driving his dad crazy.”
    Eric let out an unconvinced laugh and mumbled something under his breath.
    “Eric apparently doesn’t take well to other kids saving his life,” said Rohan. “He holds a grudge for the strangest things.”
    “For the record, Daniel did the saving,” said Eric. “And I don’t have anything against the kid.”
    “But …,” said Rohan.
    “But Daniel went over there for a reason. C’mon, you two are as freaked out about a new Plunkett in town as I am.”
    Daniel didn’t answer. He just shrugged as he hugged the street’s shoulder, walking his bike toward home. They had reached a portion of the road where the sidewalk ended, and you had to keep one eye on oncoming traffic at all times. Unless you were Eric, of course. Daniel felt sorry for the tractor-trailer that was unlucky enough to come barreling into him.
    “Look, it’s weird, all right? And I want to make sure that everything over there in Plunkett’s home is nice and safe, but I just don’t want to judge Theo on the stuff his crazy old granduncle did, okay?”
    “Unfortunately, we don’t have much evidence one way or the other,” said Rohan. “Stealing his dad’s car for a joyride is a strike against him, but he did act pretty heroically when hesaved Eric—or helped save Eric, anyway. The two kind of cancel each other out in my book.”
    Eric shrugged at this. Daniel couldn’t understand why it bothered Eric so much that Theo had saved him, but it obviously did.
    “So,” continued Rohan, “all we have to go on is Theo’s name. He’s a Plunkett. Let’s hope he’s just a quirky kind of Plunkett and not on the psychopath side of the family tree. But until we know for sure, we need to be cautious.”
    Daniel nodded. He himself had told Mollie that they needed to be careful, and he supposed it was natural for them all to be suspicious of that family—Daniel included. But Theo was the new kid in a strange town, and only Daniel knew how that felt. And how important it would be for Theo to make real friends.
    But something else was on Daniel’s mind, something that had been worrying him almost as much as Theo Plunkett.
    “So …,” Daniel began. “Speaking of the creek, how are you feeling, Eric?”
    Eric shook his head and smiled. “I was wondering when you were

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