The Finale

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Authors: Treasure Hernandez
secret office.
    When Derek stepped into the room, it was like time stood still. Scar was sitting behind a huge mahogany desk like the CEO of a legitimate company, his face looking much improved. His scar actually made him look dangerous, instead of ugly and deformed like it did when he was a kid. Who would’ve thought an ugly birth defect could benefit him? Derek, thinking his eyes were deceiving him, was at a loss for words as he stared at Scar, and his legs grew weak, threatening to fail him.
    â€œAin’t this a bitch! My big brother,” Scar said, standing up and stepping from behind the desk.
    Derek was still speechless. He didn’t know whether to cry, scream, or say sorry.
    â€œI know the cat ain’t got your tongue, nigga. You ain’t happy to see your little brother after a hundred years and shit?” Scar grabbed Derek for a manly hug.
    â€œI’m just so fuckin’ happy to see you, man,” Derek, shaking all over, finally managed to say. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep my promise at the time. I was a kid. They snatched me away from you. I had promised Mommy—”
    â€œC’mon, man, I don’t hold you responsible for nothin’. Them white people ain’t care nothing about two black little niggas tryin’a keep whatever piece of family they had together. I ain’t never blame you, my nig. Besides, if shit didn’t happen the way it did, I wouldn’t be the king I am today.” Scar offered his dumbfounded brother a seat.
    â€œI told Mommy I would always take care of you. I’m back and I will keep that promise,” Derek assured his brother.
    And he wasn’t lying. Although he had pledged to uphold the law of the State of Maryland, Derek had another chance to keep his promise to his mother and he vowed he would forever be his brother’s keeper—if his brother wanted to be kept. From that day forward he helped Scar stay one step ahead of the law. One step ahead of the jump-out boys and the narcs.
    But when the heat got turned up on Derek to make some big busts, he spoke with Scar, and they agreed to put on their little show. Scar agreed to take a fall to help his brother look good in the eyes of the department and the public. That’s why Derek Fuller would always be grateful to his brother and never forget the sacrifice he’d made for him.

Chapter Five
    Halleigh sighed in relief when she saw the car diminishing in her rearview mirror. Her heart was still pounding in her chest. She peered in the backseat to check on her son and saw that he was sleeping in his car seat. He had no idea what had just gone down, and frankly, neither did Halleigh. She knew this was more than her being paranoid. Somebody had tried to follow her home. She didn’t know who it was, but she was sure she was in danger. She could feel it in her bones that something bad was lingering closely and she had to let Malek know.
    â€œMalek!” she yelled as she raced into the house. “Malek!” She went through their apartment, turning on every single light in her home. Her distressed yelling caused her baby to begin to cry, and his wails filled the house. Realizing that Malek was nowhere to be found, she tried him on his cell phone.
    â€œWhat’s up, Hal?” he asked, upon answering.
    â€œMalek, somebody tried to follow me home today!” she yelled, still in a panic.
    â€œHalleigh, ma, we’ve been over this. Nobody is going to touch you here. Nobody’s after you.”
    â€œMalek, I saw the car. I spun the block like you taught me. I’m sure—”
    â€œHal, baby girl, we’ll talk about it when I make it home. You’re safe. I’ma keep you safe, a’ight. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you again.”
    Frustrated, Halleigh hung up the phone. She wasn’t as weak as Malek thought she was. Halleigh was hoping she could convince him to see things her way before things got bad

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