The Librarian and the Wolf:

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Book: Read The Librarian and the Wolf: for Free Online
Authors: E A Price
Tags: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Genre Fiction, Occult
Terri.  She wanted to run and hide.
    Ellie opened up the cake tin Terri had brought.   “Oooh is this black forest gateau?”  Terri nodded.  “Mmmm it looks delicious, thank you.”
    Mal pulled her back against his chest and wrapped his arms around her. “Terri’s a great cook.”  He said proudly.
    A large man strolled over and placed a hand on Ellie ’s shoulder.  Terri was taken aback at the similarity between the man and Mal.  It had to be his father.  His father had more lines on his face and his hair was more salt and pepper but otherwise they could have been twins.
    Ellie placed a hand over his.  “Hank, this is punk’s girlfriend Terri.  Terri this is my husband Hank and the one who we can blame for me giving birth to four troublemaking male wolves.”
    Hank bellowed with laughter.   His voice was deeper and more gravelly than Mal’s.  “Good to meet you Terri.”  He gave her a devastating smile that she feared was a staple of all the Tanner men.
    “You too.”   She tried to move forward to shake his hand but Mal refused to let her go and after the welcome she received from Ellie she found it odd that Hank made no move to hug her.
    Terri relaxed back into his body.  Mal eyed his father warily.  He knew his father would never be interested in Terri yet until he bonded with her his wolf would see every male as a potential threat.  Luckily his father had been around enough young wolves to know not to touch an unbonded mate.  He couldn’t attest to the same for the rest of the males here.  His wolf pawed the ground in displeasure.  Perhaps coming here had been a bad idea.
    “Punk?   Is that your nickname?”  Terri craned her neck up to look at Mal, her lips twitching trying not to smile.
    He snorted.  “ It’s nothing...”
    Ellie interrupted .  “When he was 6 he got it into his head that Mrs Martin wasn’t human, nobody would believe him so he decided to get proof.  He snuck into her yard and climbed up an apple tree so he could spy through her window.  Of course punk was quite large for his age and the apple tree wasn’t very strong... so the whole thing collapsed, onto Mrs Martin’s car.  Mrs Martin heard and ran out the house calling him a punk as he ran off covered in squashed apples.  The whole neighbourhood heard and punk just kind of stuck.  And FYI that is one of the tamer stories about his childhood.”
    Hank huffed.  “Tame nothing, fixing that car was expensive, and that woman’s still complaining about that damn apple tree.”
    Terri giggled, the s weet sound hardening Mal’s arousal.  “No wonder Mrs Martin refuses to talk to you when you come into the library.”
    Ellie’s eyebrows shot up her head.  “My son in a library?  Wonders will never cease.”  Mal pouted at his mother and Terri just giggled some more.
    Ellie stared at Terri and carefully sniffed the air.   She frowned.  Terri panicked.  She’d showered and put on deodorant, did she really smell bad?   “Are you feeling ok Terri?”  There was a look of interest on Ellie’s face.
    Before Terri could answer a loud crash interrupted.  They all looked in the direction of three young men currently wrestling with each other.  Hank exhaled loudly.  “Excuse me Terri.”
    Hank firmly strode towards the fighting boys who were now a tangle of muscled arms and legs.  Ellie tutted as Hank started to pull them apart.  She pointed at them wearily, “those are my three other sons.  Darryl is 17, Eric is 15 and my baby Craig is 13.”  Her baby was almost six feet tall. 
    Terri thought she now understood the harassed look Ellie wore.  Each of them were a slightly shorter, younger version of their father.  They were all already devilishly handsome, although in Terri’s opinion they could never hold a candle to Mal.  But then who could?
    Terri watched as Hank gestured in their direction .  She cringed as each of the three boys smirked at her.  The eldest of the younger brothers

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