The Lost Fleet: Genesis: A Slaver Wars Novel
was allowing the Shari fleet to target the supply ships at the center of the steadily weakening formation.
vortexes forming,” warned the Shari officer at the sensor console. “It’s the
ships from the Dyson Sphere.”
    Shifting his
gaze to another viewscreen, Aktill saw a swirling blue-white vortex form and
one of the enemy’s monster ships emerge. Within seconds of emerging, the ship’s
weapons fired and its missile tubes began launching.
flinched as he saw several of his battlecruisers vanish under the powerful
attack of the massive vessel. The ships were obliterated in enormous releases
of uncontrolled energy.
    “Those warheads
are fifty to one hundred megatons,” reported Lower Lord Samarth, his face
turning pale. “A hit from just several of those warheads will take our shields
down. Our sensors are indicating the larger explosions are from antimatter.”
frowned. He had known the Humans and the Altons had antimatter warheads in some
of their missiles. The Shari were conducting research on antimatter, but the
scientists involved were still years from producing a viable warhead.
    More vortexes
opened and eighteen more ships emerged. While these were not quite as large as
the first one, they were quite deadly as well. Aktill knew the battle had just
changed significantly. “All weapons, continuous fire; we must destroy as many
of those support vessels as possible!” He knew that his time was now severely
limited before he would be forced to withdraw.
defense globes,” Race ordered as he saw his other ships had arrived. “Launch
fighters and bombers.” He watched as the Command Center came alive with intense
activity as the crew prepared for battle.
    “All batteries,
continue to fire. Target that lead Shari ship,” ordered Commander Arnett.
    “Firing power
beams,” reported Major Johnathan Daniels as his fingers touched several icons
on a screen in front of him.
    On one of the
viewscreens, the four violet colored beams of energy smashed into the energy
shield of a Shari battlecruiser.
    “Firing particle
beam cannons,” Daniels reported evenly as four bright blue beams speared the Shari vessel.
    The particle
beams penetrated the battlecruiser’s energy screen and struck the vessel’s
hull. Four titanic explosions resulted and when the carnage died down, the enemy
vessel was in a hundred pieces.
    “Shari battlecruiser is down,” reported Captain Davis.
    “All ships
have deployed their defense globes,” Colonel Cowel informed the admiral.
“Globes are closing on the Shari vessels.”
    The defense
globes were ten meters in diameter and contained an ion cannon capable of
tearing holes in an enemy ship’s defensive energy screen. From the nineteen
dreadnoughts, over one thousand of the small and deadly globes had been
launched. It was time to teach the Shari a lesson in humility.
    “Let’s punch a
hole for Admiral Stoddard’s fleet,” Race said as he leaned forward, his hands
clenching the armrests of his command chair.
    On the large viewscreen,
a fifty-megaton Devastator Three missile crashed into the stern of a Shari support cruiser and the ship vanished in a fiery explosion.
    “All ships
form up on the WarHawk ,” Race ordered over his minicomm, which was set
for ship-to-ship communications. “Wedge formation A-3.” Race didn’t intend to
allow the Shari to bring the battle to him, he intended to take his ships right
down their throat and send them to oblivion.
    The eighteen dreadnoughts
led by the battle dreadnought WarHawk formed a tight formation and
advanced toward the heart of the Shari fleet.
    Particle beam
fire from the dreadnoughts slammed into the main part of a Shari warship,
setting off massive explosions and hurling glowing debris into space. An
antimatter sublight missile arrived and the one hundred-megaton explosion incinerated
the ship in a bright and deadly fireball.
    The WarHawk shuddered slightly as three twenty-megaton

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