Things That Go Bump in the Night IV

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Book: Read Things That Go Bump in the Night IV for Free Online
Authors: Ashleigh Raine, J. C. Wilder, Lorie O'Clare
Tags: Anthologies

Chapter Six
    Sandy’s scent faded as Ralph headed around the side of the house. He ignored the back door opening and closing behind him. Walking among the parked cars in his pack leader’s driveway, he watched Sandy back up, and then head down the street. She didn’t look his way.
    “Do you want to tell me what just happened?” Ethan spoke from behind him.
    Ralph didn’t turn around. His pack leader would protect his pack, and especially his single females. It was his job. Ralph wouldn’t counter that responsibility.
    “She’s not in any danger.” That was all Ethan needed to know.
    He turned slowly, meeting the dark gaze of the leader of his pack. Ethan stared him down, his expression dark and alert.
    Ralph gave him only a minute of his attention, then turned toward his truck, needing to go after Sandy. Ethan stood in the driveway, watching him, letting Ralph know that his actions were now under scrutiny. Ralph expected nothing less.
    There were no lights on at Sandy’s house. He parked anyway and walked around her house, allowing his senses to guide him. He didn’t smell her. The house was quiet.
    She wasn’t there.
    Driving through the small town didn’t take much time, and her small Volkswagen wasn’t parked at any of the locations frequented by the pack.
    There were several locations the pack would meet outside of town for group runs.
    He’d reached the third one when he noticed her car, isolated in the small field where they often parked. Parking next to hers, he walked around her car. Enough time had passed that she was long gone, running in her fur somewhere. He would wait. Being in law enforcement for over twenty years, sitting and waiting for long periods of time were par for the course.
    Several hours later, the moonlight caught a figure moving through the trees on the edge of the field. Ralph got out of his car, allowing the change enough to heighten his senses. His muscles bulged against his clothing while shadows disappeared around him. His vision altered, allowing him to better see the werewolf approaching him warily.
    Sandy’s ears perked, a snarl on her lips while she circled around him. Ralph didn’t back away from the deadly creature even though in his human form he was no match to her. And he knew her instincts controlled her at the moment.
    “You are safe with me,” he told her, moving toward her slowly.
    Blue Moon
    Sandy lunged at him, growling viciously. She stopped within feet of his boots.
    Ralph didn’t move. He didn’t back away. Once again she walked around him, moving toward her car.
    Ralph followed her, his own body in a state of flux. Still human but with his beast’s blood surging through him, his reaction to her was hard to control. Her scent called to him, pulled the werewolf in him forward. A raw and untamed need surged through him, his cock throbbing as it grew almost too hard. Walking became an effort, his cock pressing painfully against his jeans.
    “Change,” he ordered her. “Change now. Or I will change.”
    Sandy straightened. No longer slinking. No longer ready to pounce. She looked at him, understanding his words. And his meaning.
    He could change before she would be able to outrun him. Instinct would take over.
    He would take her without question. He would fuck her without asking. Werewolves existed on instinct.
    Or she could return to her human form. He would allow her that. As a man he would respect her wishes. He would not take what she didn’t willingly offer.
    Slowly, Sandy began to stand, her front paws altering while the fur disappeared on her body. Her face transformed, lips appearing while her eyes altered, the color changing from brown to green.
    He closed the distance between them immediately. “Don’t run from me again.”
    Wrapping his arm around her, he could feel her heart pounding still too fast for her human body.
    “I had to.” Her voice sounded husky, her werewolf blood still pumping through her.
    Ralph gripped her

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