Things That Go Bump in the Night IV

Read Things That Go Bump in the Night IV for Free Online

Book: Read Things That Go Bump in the Night IV for Free Online
Authors: Ashleigh Raine, J. C. Wilder, Lorie O'Clare
Tags: Anthologies
touch her. “You should be proud of her,” he whispered into her hair, drowning in her scent.
    “I am.” Sandy’s scent changed immediately. Desire swarmed around her. It faded slowly. She was fighting it.
    “You’ve done a good job of raising her.” He wrapped his fingers around her waist, enjoying how narrow it was, the softness of her body, the sweet scent that was hers alone.
    “We went through some hard times.” She wasn’t relaxed. Far from it.
    Lorie O’Clare
    Ralph conceded that she didn’t push him away. He would accept that for the moment.
    She glanced over her shoulder, not quite meeting his gaze. He turned her, wanting to hold her, to feel her relax in his arms. She wanted him. Her emotions didn’t lie.
    “You’ve done well with your den by yourself.” Over the years he’d watched her, she had never shown any sign of complaining. “And now that Beth is grown and in her own den, you can focus on yourself.”
    “I am thinking of me.” She placed her hands on his chest, the gentle touch of her fingers through his shirt sent fire shooting through him. “And my reputation.”
    He didn’t mean to tighten his grip on her waist as hard as he did. Her eyes widened, not with fear, but surprise. No one had ever questioned his impeccable reputation before.
    “Are you implying you would rather not be seen with me in front of the pack?” He would not allow this pretty little bitch to suggest he wasn’t a proper date.
    “No. No.” She shook her head.
    “Good.” He didn’t need to hear anymore.
    Lowering his head so that his mouth hovered over hers, her body heat swarmed around him. “You couldn’t ask for a better escort.”
    Her mouth was so hot, her lips so moist. She tasted sweet, a mixture of brownies and coffee on her breath. Her hands pressed against his shirt, her touch branding him.
    She tried to push away, but he couldn’t let her go. The feel of her mouth, the way her tongue dashed around his, he needed more of her.
    He wrapped his arms around her and she relaxed, moaning into his mouth.
    Finally, she relaxed completely, offering him all of her, while her arms snaked up around his neck. Her breasts pressed against his chest, their full roundness a distraction that sent a fever through him. Thoughts of lifting her into his arms and making a mad dash for the door consumed him. He needed her more than he needed to breathe. Never had a bitch preoccupied him like Sandy did.
    He ran his hands over her back, feeling the soft ridge of her ribs, the incline at her waist, the tempting curve of her hips. The beast in him surfaced, the need to claim and protect growing so strong that containing his animalistic side became almost impossible.
    The scent of another werewolf entering the kitchen alerted him. They cleared their throat, demanding attention. He fought the impulse to turn and growl at the intruder.
    Mine. His instincts consumed his ability to think straight.
    Sandy jumped, pushing hard against his chest.
    “Is everything okay in here?” Ethan looked at Sandy, watching her actions and then turned his attention on Ralph.
    “I’m fine,” Sandy said, gasping for air.
    Blue Moon
    She slipped out of Ralph’s arms and dashed out of the back door. Ralph hurried after her.
    “Ralph.” Ethan didn’t move, but his tone, even for a younger werewolf, demanded his attention.
    He turned on his leader, glaring at him, primal emotions warring with his rational thoughts.
    “What are your intentions with Beth’s mother?”
    Ralph didn’t hesitate in answering. “I plan on mating with her.”
    “And when did you plan on discussing this with me?” Ethan crossed his arms over his massive chest. A werewolf to be reckoned with, even at his young age, Ethan had Ralph’s respect.
    And that was the only reason he didn’t lunge and knock the pompous look off of his face.
    “I just did.” Ralph turned and left his pack leader’s den, heading out into the night to find Sandy.

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