Hunted Down by His Alpha

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Book: Read Hunted Down by His Alpha for Free Online
Authors: C.J. Colton
him. I heard him groan, his cock twitching in my grasping hole as he rocked against my ass.
    “You bring my wolf to the surface.”
    I didn’t have time to puzzle over what his words meant as I felt his hands on my waist. He slipped out of me as he flipped me onto my back, shifting me to a dry area of the bed. I moaned as he licked at the cum coating my stomach and made his way down towards my soft cock. Unlike him, I couldn’t stay hard after two rounds.
    I glanced at his cock now as it bobbed against his stomach. It was slick and coated with the cum currently dripping out of my hole. My eyes flew back to Hayden’s as he slid his hands beneath my ass and pulled it up, shrugging his shoulders beneath my legs and hooking them over the broad width of them. He grinned at me over my limp cock.
    “Time for me to have a taste.” He leaned forward to seal his mouth over my leaking anus.
    My eyes rolled back and my lids fluttered shut as he licked and sucked at my well-fucked hole. He cleaned the wet trail around the puckered, swollen lips of my ass before dipping his tongue into it. I shuddered and moaned as he curled it and swept it over my coated walls, pulling his seed back into his mouth as he bathed me clean.
    I could feel my cock twitching and filling, the rapid speed of my recovery surprising, but once again I was unable to contemplate it for long as pleasure began to roll over me in waves.
    “You’re ready for me again, aren’t you, mate?” I heard Hayden ask as he pressed a kiss to my rim and leaned back, lowering my ass.
    “ Yes ,” I breathed as I opened my eyes to look at him. He was beautiful in the afternoon sunlight, all rippling muscles and sharp planes and hollows. He looked wild and untamed, as though he belonged in a forest somewhere, free and unrestrained by the laws of society. His green eyes were soft and dark, almost taking on that unnatural light in my dreams as he stared down at me as though he was drinking me in.
    He pressed his the blunt head against my entrance and slowly sank in. His cock felt as huge and merciless as it did the first time he’d entered me. Impossibly big in my tight chute as he slowly stuffed me inch by inch. His impalement of my body was slow and endless, the feel of him hard and unyielding as steel as I felt myself surrender up to him. The pressure finally gave way as I felt him sink in to the hilt and a shuddering breath left my chest with the breathy moan.
    I felt complete with him in me, as though my body was made to fit his, as tight as I was and as big as he was. I could already feel myself begin to relax around him, surrendering up to his dark, male heat as he began to claim me. He fucked me, slow and relentless, his pace not speeding up or slowing down an inch as he stretched and widened me, making me feel and remember every inch or his thick cock in my ass. He was driving me insane.
    I wriggled beneath him, sliding my hands up his forearms wiry, unable to reach for his back as he reamed me out from above.
    “Still so tight,” he purred as the tips of his fingers traced around the lips of my ass sealed around his cock. “Still so hungry for my cock.”
    “Faster, please. Stop teasing me. Hurry. Fuck me faster, harder,” I begged as I curled my fingers into his arms and rocked up against him, urging him on.
    He chuckled darkly, his eyes hooded as he watched me. “We’ve done hard and fast, little mate. Now it’s time for slow and…well, there is no soft, is there?” he asked with a chuckle as he slid in particularly deep, brushing over my prostate.
    I bucked up and let out a cut off cry as white dots flashed behind my eyes. He was going to torture me to death. Death by pleasurable torture. It didn’t sound that bad. It was.
    “Please, Hayden…stop fucking…torturing me,” I pleaded as he did it again. I wanted that hard driving pleasure pushing me to the edge again, I wanted my release to crash over me, needed it. “We can do…slow…later,” I said

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