Hunted Down by His Alpha

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Book: Read Hunted Down by His Alpha for Free Online
Authors: C.J. Colton
breathlessly as I writhed in his hands and on his tormenting cock.
    He chuckled again and dragged his cock out until only the thick bulbous head was prying me open. “Since my mate has begged so nicely…”
    I cried out as he tightened his hold on my ass and slammed forward, impaling me brutally on his cock. Yes! Fuck, yes!
    I let go of his arms and curled my fingers back into the sheets, holding on as he started pounding into my body. The ecstasy running through my veins built, as his thrusts got harder, went deeper until he was almost bending me over in half as he fucked me. His beautiful chiseled face didn’t have a shred of gentleness or mercy as he stared down at me, his dark eyes glittering and his teeth bared.
    “Am I hurting you?” he growled as he hammered into me as hard as I’d begged him to.
    “Yes,” I whimpered as I tried to meet each of his almost painful thrusts.
    “And you love it, anyway,” he said, his harsh gravely voice laced in satisfaction.
    “ Yes! Fuck, yes!” The merciless way he was taking me was almost animalistic in its intensity and something inside of me reveled in it, wanted it, needed it. It wanted to be claimed, dominated and taken with no kindness. No gentleness.
    I felt my balls drew up, tighten, as my cock twitched and expanded. “I’m coming! Hayden! ” I shouted, my voice raw, as I bucked up and took him as deep as I could as I convulsed in burning waves of pleasure. My orgasm was shattering, everything going white as I came and came, my body wringing dry as spasms racked through me.
    “Tobias!” I dimly heard Hayden roar my name as he rammed his length into me and started shooting hot, thick jets of cum deep into me. He pumped me full, emptying himself into me for the second time.
    I drew in a shaky breath, willing my lungs to stop seizing and start working again with the oxygen I was dragging in as I felt Hayden gently slide my legs off his shoulders and lower them back down onto the bed. We both moaned as I clenched down on him, and felt his seed slosh around in my body. Once again Hayden was in no hurry to withdraw from my body and I didn’t protest as he leaned over me and rolled us so that he was on his back and I was sprawled over him, my body still impaled on his finally softening cock. Exhaustion blanketed me as I lay limply on his hard body my lids drooping as sleep tried to claim me. I could feel his heartbeat against my own thundering one, the sound of the fast, steady tattoo bringing me peace.
    I roused myself as I felt Hayden take my hand in his. He brought it up to his mouth. I shuddered as he nipped at the palm, heat spiraling down to my chest and soft, spent cock from the site on my hand. He licked at where he’d bitten, then pressed a kiss to it.
    “Who are you, Tobias?”
    The words came to my mind, suddenly there as if they’d always been. “Your mate.”

    We spent three days in my bed. Food was delivered and left half-eaten as we slaked our lust, never fully winding down from each shattering release before starting up again. He was insatiable and his stamina unnatural as he took me over and over, again and again. I’d been bent over every steady surface and fucked against every wall we wouldn’t slam through when the sun set on the third day.
    I stroked my hands down his smooth chest, tracing the dips and ridges of each slab of thick muscle bisecting his torso when he nuzzled his face against my drying hair and spoke.
    “It’s time we returned home, Tobias.”
    I wanted to hear him call me Toby, and told him so.
    “I haven’t called you Toby since you were a pup. You demanded that I call you Tobias when you reached adolescence.”
    I’d firmly stayed away from asking him anything about himself or what he knew about me for the last three days, preferring to get lost in the pleasure of his sleek, powerful body and thick, perpetually hard cock. If I hadn’t been right next to him for the last

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