Hunted Down by His Alpha

Read Hunted Down by His Alpha for Free Online

Book: Read Hunted Down by His Alpha for Free Online
Authors: C.J. Colton
cheek and swiped at the tip of his leaking cock, gathering the pre-cum there before bringing it back up to his hole. I tasted him, sweet and earthy, as I pushed my coated finger into his ass alongside my probing tongue, widening and preparing him further. I leaned back as I drove two fingers deep up his anus and pumped them as I scissored and twisted them in him. “So slick and tight for me. Your hole knows what it needs, doesn’t it, mate?”
    Tobias nodded, moaning and rocking on my fingers. His hands were fisted into the scratchy thin sheets as he drew in a shaky breath. “Your cock. I need your cock.”
    I pulled my fingers from him and reached for his waist as my other hand slid forward to wrap around his tumescent shaft. I stroked him as I lined my cock up to his hole. “I’m never letting you go again, mate,” I growled as I slammed home.
    He was hot and slick around me, and tighter than anything I’d ever known, his anus trembling around my cock as I buried myself in him balls-deep. Tobias let out a soft, strangled cry as I sank down to the hilt. I groaned at the intense searing pleasure of his impossibly tight anus.
    “Relax, mate, breathe,” I commanded as I stilled in him, relishing the gasping, shuddering heat of his body tightly gripping mine. I stroked his cock as I massaged his waist and felt him slowly begin to relax, his body loosening the strangling grip. He was starting to surrender up to my merciless invasion.
    I dragged my cock over the tight muscles of his sphincter and moved my hand back to his waist. And then I started fucking him. I slammed my cock back into his ass and held him to me as I pounded in and out of his body.
    I could hear Tobias draw in shallow, desperate breaths as he moaned and held onto the bed as I took his body, claiming it as mine. I had told him our first time wouldn’t be slow and drawn out and it was anything but as I reamed out his tight anus, ruthlessly thrusting into his body as I sought to claim every part of him. But I was going to make it last and make sure he would never forget it.
    My little wolf was soon bucking against me, meeting each of my punishing thrusts forward as he begged me to fuck him harder.
    “Like this?” I growled as I surged forward and nearly lifted him up as I impaled him as deeply as I could.
    He let out a keening cry and screamed “ yes! ” over and over as I lifted his ass with each ruthless slam forward.
    “Oh fuck! Yes, like that, you fucking hot, stalking crazy bastard!” he screamed as I shifted my angle and hammered over his prostate.
    I growled as I wrapped his hair around my hand and wrenched his head back. “I am your, mate,” I whispered harshly against his ear, not letting up on my merciless pace. “And you are mine! ” I rammed into his body brutally and bit down on the curve of his neck as he cried out and the thick smell of his cum filled the air. His body convulsed around mine, pulling me over and then I was jetting my seed into him, pouring my load deep into his body as I finally marked my mate.

    I moaned as Hayden groaned against me, his cock still plugging up my filled hole. I clamped down on him, massaging my walls around his still-hard length as I slumped down onto the warm, sticky puddle of cum beneath me and tried to catch my breath.
    The hard heat of his body blanketed me as he followed me down, but his weight was only briefly crushing before he braced his arms to keep me from getting squashed. I whimpered as he pulled his teeth from where the previous bite mark had been and started laving the tender, marked skin with his tongue. His touch was gentle but possessive as he soothed the fresh bite mark.
    “I like the sight of my mark on you,” he said softly, his voice no more than a rumble against my back as he kissed the place he’d bitten.
    “You’re like an animal,” I groaned as a series of soft aftershocks jolted through my body causing me to clamp down on

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